How to use scent leaf for infection…how does scent leaf cure infection?


#Scent leaf is an edible medicinal herb that herbs fight all sorts of infection including malaria, yeast infection, vaginitis, Jedi Jedi, infective diarrhoea etc.

How to use scent leaf for infection
Scent leaf juice could cure #infection

Scent leaf has anti-malarial, antibacterial, antiviral and larvicidal property which makes a one of the most sought after vegetable in the African world.

Eating scent leaf in your soup or taking its juice will save you from all sorts of dangerous #infection you may not even know….

How to use scent leaf for infection…

Get fresh scent leaf from the market or your garden backyard , use it for soup or porridge or better still wash out the sand and squeeze out the juice. You can add ginger or honey to the scent leaf juice and drink it morning and evening. You will start seeing results in a matter of days, expect to have cleaner lungs, kidneys and liver as you take it. Be aware that is it safe.

Please do not add salt to your scent leaf juice as this can cause you high blood pressure or worsen your already existing hypertension.

Scent leaf is good for ladies with recurrent vaginal yeast infection, vaginal discharge and urinary tract infection.

Let me also use the ample opportunity to tell you about other wonderful health benefits of scent leaf.

1. Burning scent leaf helps to ward off or kill mosquitoes…this will indirectly prevent malaria.

2. Scent leaf and scent leaf juice mixed with honey soothes the stomach and heals ulcer.

3. Scent leaf in food and in juice will increase blood flow to your guts and prevent or cure constipation.

4. Scent leaf has fertility benefits as it helps boost ovulation and sperm count.

5. Scent leaf juice mixed honey helps to soothe chest pain and relieve cough.

6. Scent leaf leaf calms blood pressure and regulates blood sugar.

In conclusion….scent leaf does not only help to cure some infection, it has other numerous health benefits you should utilize.


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