Hausa Manpower: Hausa herbs for erectile dysfunction….Northern Nigeria aphrodisiacs and natural sex enhancers.

Today, yours sincerely, will talk about hausa herbs for manpower that makes hausa men last longer in bed.

I think a research as to be carried out into why Hausa men seemingly are the highest users of aphrodisiacs… from oils to powder, to herbs and all forms of hausa-fulani manpower preparations…A pharmaceutical needs to do research into this substance, a locally manufactured competition for viagra might be discovered.

Hausa Manpower: Hausa herbs for erectile dysfunction

1. Magani Burantashi from Yohimbe Tree

Burantashi is an hausa word which literally means “penis rise up”…it is a natural aphrodisiac you see abokis hawk in open markets, streets, busy roads, bus stops, and junctions in cities like Port Harcourt, Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Enugu,Benin etc..It is a common sight to see ladies buying Burantashi for their partners and men also patronize these hawkers. Magani Burantashi is not only used by the Hausa-fulani men alone, its popularity and usage has spread across thw different tribes in Nigeria and West Africa…in fact yorubas now have their own version of YORUBA BURANTASHI.

So many persons call burantashi Hausa Viagra or Hausa paraga because they claim it helps them to last longer in bed, treats impotence in men, cures erectile dysfunction and weak erection, brings sexual satisfaction and is a good cure for low sperm count.

Manpower herbs in Nigeria
Burantashi, a popular aphrodisiac from Northern Nigeria

Burantashi is not without its side effects. Read more about the benefits, uses, aide effects , and dosage of burantashi on this link.

2. Goron Tula.

The fruit is widely cultivated in Tula Kaltungo Local Government of Gombe State and in Michika of Adamawa State in Northern Nigeria. It is botanically known as azanza garckeana.

Goron tula is used to increase the libido as consumption of the fruit helps in developing strong desires for meeting with your partner for megbesuegbe and also serves as an aphrodisiac making the male last longer in bed.

People experiencing lowered libido, weak erection, low sperm count, premature ejaculation as a result of stress or other health conditions, can try goron tula.

Hausa Man power medicine for libido
Goron Tula is a sex enhancer from Hausaland

3. Tiger nuts, dates, and coconut smoothie

Tiger nuts, dates (debino), and coconut cocktail are a sweet, milky drink that produce diary-free combo which can be used as an alternative for cow milk.

They are said to be allergen, gluten and dairy free. This combo can act as an aphrodisiac for those who suffer low sexual libido. Men in Nigeria have used tiger nuts for generations to treat erectile dysfunction, increase sperm count and boost libido.

Hausa Manpower: Hausa herbs for erectile dysfunction.
Coconut, dates and tiger nuts cocktail for weak erection

4. Kayan Mata or Kayan Maza

The aphrodisiac preparations called kayan Mata for women or kayan Maza for men originated from Northern Nigeria. Kayan Mata is simply known as love enhancers.

It provides better performance and greater experience for men. Some women can also say that it drives men crazy! It`s interesting that the northern tribes of Nigeria have been using Kayan Mata for over five centuries. There is no tribe that has more aphrodisiacs than the Hausa people

Hausa-Fulani sex enhancer
Kayan maza: an hausa-fulani sex enhancer for males

If you know any other hausa manpower used to treat erectile dysfunction, weak erection, premature ejaculation, low sperm count and watery sperm in men, please let me know in the comments section.

Bakin Gagai

Also known as black aphrodisiac. Bakin Gagai tree is very common to see in northern Nigeria. The roots of bakin Gagai soaked in alcohol or warm water for some days (3 days) has been found to be helpful in treating men with erectile dysfunction for ages in hausaland…

Tiger nuts

A wonderful and popular aphrodisiac used by the Hausa-fulani people of Nigeria for erectile dysfunctional and for libido.

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