Burantashi is a traditional sex enhancer or form of Viagra or manpower used by the Hausa-Fulani, a tribe found in Nigeria and across Africa.

Burantashi which literarily mean “penis stand up” in Hausa language is used by many males with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation and males who want to last longer in bed. It is a herbal aphrodisiac.

Burantashi: origin, benefits, dosage, cost & side effects

It is reputed to be able to make the manhood stand/erect for 10 hours non-stop.

Burantashi is used also used as a food additive to barbecued meat (suya) in Nigeria, especially the Northern parts.


Derived from the bark of the African tree Pausinystalia johimbe. This tree is called ako idagbon in Yoruba.

Active agent

The active agent is yohimbine, an alpha 2 antagonist that have shown variable successes in treating erectile dysfunction.

Other names

  • Hausa viagra
  • Nakanaka
  • Hausa aphrodisiac
  • Hausa manpower
  • Hausa paraga

Benefits of burantashi

The patronizers of the manpower I interviewed listed its benefits below. They claim it helps them to:

  • Last longer in bed
  • Cure erectile dysfunction
  • Cure premature ejaculation
  • Cure weak erection
  • Gives them confidence in bed
  • It is more effective than sildenafil
  • It brings sexual satisfaction
  • It has helped marriages that were having sexual problems
  • It natural with less side effects.
  • Increases libido
  • Relieves impotence in men
  • Good for low sperm count
  • Boosts sexual performance
  • Increases duration of knacks
  • Increases sexual enjoyment

Where to get Burantashi

It is sold by many Hausa traders in major cities across Nigeria especially areas with heavy traffic. Funny enough, these “abokis” are patronized by many high society ladies who buy it for their partners. Men also patronized them and keep these aphrodisiac hawkers in business.

In Lagos for example, notable among these areas where burantashi and other aphrodisiacs are hawked include Kofo Abayomi Street near one of the biggest shopping malls on Victoria Island, Obalende and Coconut Bus Stops, and at almost all the petrol filling stations, cinemas, hotels, street corners, post offices within the metropolis.

Preparation and Dosage of Burantashi

Most times it comes already prepared and stored in 75cl Eva, Ragolis, or any other container. Each container sells for around #2,500 naira or more depending on the city. Expect it to be higher in Abuja. But sometimes, people buy the roots to boil it themselves at home.

For the dosage, the Hausa people I spoke to said a cup of burantashi 30 minutes or 1 hour before sex is enough and anything more that is overdose.

Testimonies of people that have used this Hausa manpower or aphrodisiac

These are experiences and opinions of persons that have used nakanaka. Their names may not be real for the purpose of privacy.

Read below……

Greenbullet, a member of Nairaland wrote:

“I overheard some guys at a bus park talking about “burantashi”, they said it enhances your sexual stamina by 10 times, so as a very social individual, I was able to converse with a northern there to purchase some for me, I bought a nylon bag full of the “bark” which was to be boiled , the northern warned me to take not more than one cup for “whatever” I intend to use it for, I boiled the bark as directed when bae was coming over, I took a cup but I did not feel different after 5 mins so I decided to take another and half, lo and behold, ten minutes later my eyes were seeing light blue color , my nervous system was less reactive and my “joystick” was at a strength never seen before, it had the same rigidity as an iron rod and looked double its natural erect size with veins protruding from all angles , when I touched it, I noticed that I could feel my hand only on the skin and my inner tissue was unaware of my hands location, after the “PHILANDERING” with bae, she slept of due to exhaustion but I COULD NOT, in fact the over 7 hours of intercourse did not soften it to his natural size, I had to put ice block on it for close to two hours just to reduce it to a semi erect state, from my experience, this aphrodisiac is not to be messed with, it has power beyond what it is said to have.”

Also FirstLady from Villagesquare forum wrote:

“I boarded a bus today. A pretty lady was peddling a tea. She calls it miracle tea. She claimed it could cure any sort of sickness in the body. The tea was N50 a sachet. She talked about Burantashie. And No! I didn’t ask her about it…Stop giving me that look…you don’t really think I would stand up in a bus filled with over 30 people and ask about Burantashie, did you? What sort of woman do you take me for?

She claimed Burantashie would make a man to have weak erection, watery sperm and low sperm count later on in life. According to her, only her miracle tea could cure such a man. It was when she said painful menses causes cancer because of residual of menses blood left in the stomach that I began to ask myself if she was not crazy. Hey, she may know about adverse effects of Burantashie, but let her spare me the stupid tale on menses. I know better. A sales person can say anything to convince an Eskimo to buy ice.

I discussed the issue of Burantashie with my pal, Raymond. He wouldn’t admit using it but I knew he had. It was in the way he was giving me that funny smile and look…a dead give away if you ask me. Body language. We were at a press conference for senior citizens. One of them, an old lady, probably in her seventies got up and started moving from seat to seats. She had roots chopped into pieces in a bottle, filled with water.

I became alert. We called her. I begged Raymond to ask her in Yoruba if it enhances a guy’s performance in bed. She said yes. You can imagine my surprise when I noticed some of the old men buying it. Jeez! Aren’t they just begging for death? I imagined many of them breathing their last as they valiantly tried to give their final thrust as they fight to achieve orgasm. Did you say what a glorious way to die? Shame! Anyway, I bought one from her. Please don’t ask me why…I won’t tell you…

Raymond said he remembered once when a guy took Burantashie. His manhood stubbornly refused to fall asleep thereafter. Like a warrior, ready to combat any enemy, the blazing sword had continued to glint and shine, even after many battles on the secret field of a perfumed bed. All remedies were carried to soothe it to sleep but to no avail. The desperate man was later rushed to a hospital.”

Emeka also from Villagesquare warns:

“Please don’t you ever think of Burantashi! It’s bad and has so many side effects. I want you to understand that Burantashi is not good for either a man or woman. So please don’t ever think of buying it for John or advising your friends or relations to do so in your own best interest.
My friends once told me of Burantashi. The side effects include the followings: Can’t do without it when you are used to it, makes one weak after sometime without taking it, makes one blind when getting old, It allows one to be prone to diseases. These are just few. I don’t want to go further to explain to you about Burantashi. Please and Please Juliana, Burantashi is bad.”

I hope these testimonies were insightful?

Common side-effects of Burantashi

There is scientifically documented side effects for this natural aphrodisiac but people who have used it have complained of the following:

  • Loss of sensitivity of the penis
  • Penile pain
  • Anorgasm (will not ejaculate during sex)
  • Exhaution
  • Priapism
  • Penile rupture
  • Dependence
  • Increases sexual injuries

Is it safe? Federal Government React?

This is was reported by Wazobiareport in 2011 when the Federal Government of Nigeria banned the use of Buratanshi for lack of approval by NAFDAC and inconclusive report on benefits and side effects of the substance. It reads:

“Following an alarming increase in the number of men admitted and treated for priapism (persistent erection) in hospitals across the Nation, the Federal Ministry of Health in conjunction with NAFDAC, hereby issue this public notice to inform Nigerians that the local remedy known as Burantashi has now been classified as a controlled substance.

For avoidance of doubt, the powder known as Burantashi, and normally sprinkled on the peppery beef barbecue known as Suya, can now only be administered by certified medical doctors or pharmacists and only after proper medical examination.

All mei-suyas across the Nation are hereby advised tohandoverany Burantashi in their possession to appropriate authorities, and to desist from making any more.

Men are advised to take this notice seriously as the only state approved treatment for priapism is to slice open and drain blood.”

Priapism is persistent painful erection.

Persons living with sickle cell anemia should NOT take burantashi.

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