Does Alomo bitters make you last longer in bed?

A male reader wants to know Alomo herbal bitter , one of the popular alcohol based bitters in Nigeria and Ghana can treat erectile dysfunction and make a man last longer in bed.

From my mailbox

Hello Nimedhealth,

I am Suleiman from Lagos, Nigeria. I have been battling with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction for the past one month now. My wife is complaining bitterly about this. I have done all forms of tests in the lab like blood testosterone and hormonal profile for sperm count and every thing seem to be normal according to the lab scientist. I have taken some number of drugs to treat my erectile dysfunction problems and I am not getting good results…Just recently, a friend of mine told me he had similar problem last year and he treated with Alomo bitters…he said he takes a bottle of Alomo bitters and his pe.rfo
..rm.ance has been top notch…He told me to do the same…drink Alomo bitters to cure my erectile dysfunction and l.ast longer in bed.

The question: Does Alomo bitters make you last longer in bed?

My reply:

Yes and No based on the individual. Yes because I have seen and talked to many men who regularly use Alomo as an enhancing herbal drink…This is for real, men and guys drink alomo bitters to enhance their confidence and last long….Alomo bitters truly helps to treat weak erection, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. See, what is Viagra to one man may not be viagra to another man. Some people use alcohol as viagra while others will suffer erectile problems after taking alcohol and they cannot last in his official duties. For some men, Alomo bitters is at best, a herbal drug and does not improve their erecti…on, individual drive or libido. For other men, alomo bitters is an aphrodisiac which they use to treat impotence and weak erection with the aim of lasting longer in Buhari’s room.

Does Alomo bitters make you last longer in bed?
Alomo bitters and erectile dysfunction

So Suleiman, I hope I have answered you question? However, I still strongly advise you to see a doctor who will request for some tests, examine you, ask you some questions and prescribe appropriate medications for you like sidenafil, tadalafil etc. Your doctor will also advice you on the appropriate fruits and foods to eat that will enhance your call to duty and make you last. Alomo bitters may may treat your ED for some time but it will not solve the need a permanent solution.

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