Can scent leaf cure yeast infection? Ocimum gratissimum and yeast infection ..

I recently stumbled upon an article on Facebook where the author was busy teaching some ladies how to use scent leaf to cure vaginal candidiasis….the poster actually said when ladies do sitz bath with scent leaf or steam “inside their bodies” with scent leaf, their vaginal yeast infection will clear in 24 hours.

I will factcheck the veracity if this claims later but first let me introduce you to the world of vaginal thrush.


Many women feel itchy down there & race to the drug
store to get yeast medications.

This can be a huge mistake.

Well, if you don’t have a yeast infection, then not only will yeast cream not work, but they may also make your itching and other genital symptoms worse.

Or, equally bad is that the cream and any side effects you have from the cream may make it more difficult for your doctor to properly diagnose the cause of your genital symptoms.

As such, we recommend always checking in with your doctor before seeking help from over-the-counter yeast infection medications.

One of the few exceptions to this is that women who are super prone to yeast infections (meaning, they get four or more per year) are probably pretty
good at telling what is and what is not a yeast infection due to experience.

Some healthcare providers tell these women that they can probably take these medications on their own without much risk.

But if you’re not sure, or if you have questions about your personal health, definitely check in with your healthcare provider.

If you do have a yeast infection, your
doctor can walk you through your treatment options, which may include over-the-counter yeast cream, a prescription pill, or other
treatments if the yeast is an uncommon type that doesn’t respond to typical treatments.

Now to the main topic of this page…


Can scent leaf cure yeast infection?

It is a common practice to see women do sitz bath with scent leaf , Ocimum gratissimum, or steam with scent leaf just to cure yeast infection. The truth is, it is an unhealthy practice that do not work whatsoever. Scent leaf has not antifungal property and can therefore not cure vaginal candidiasis. This practice practice can introduce bad bacteria into your privates leading to vaginitis or simply “toilet infection”.

Can scent leaf cure yeast infection?
Can scent leaf cure candidiasis?

PS: It is better to wear cotton panties instead of nylon panties….Nylon panties may be responsible for that your recurrent yeast infection… Imagine wearing nylon panties in this hot period.

Update; please note that a recurrent vaginal yeast infection may be a pointer to an undiagnosed diabetes or HIV infection.




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