Can whisky flush out sperm? Can whisky prevent pregnancy?

I recently bumped into a Facebook post where the poster said she uses the alcoholic drink called whiskey to prevent pregnancy .. she said she uses whisky to flush out sperm after unprotected sex…The Facebooker believes that whiskey can be used as emergency contraceptive. My greatest surprise was that other people ladies that commented on her post agreed with her claims. One of the commenter even said she has been using whisky to kill sperm after unprotected intercourse for the past 10years and she has never gotten pregnant.

Can whisky flush out sperm?
Can whisky flush out sperm?

I spoke about this with a lady who said once she drink a cup of whisky and wash “inside her body” after “mekwe” she is rest assured that she will not get pregnant….Many ladies believe that whisky does not only flush out sperm, it also helps to kill sperm thereby preventing unwanted pregnancy. Whisky is an emergency contraceptive to many….and this myth is very hard to debunk just as the false claims about ampiclox. Continue reading.

But how true is this claims…can whisky prevent pregnancy? Can whiskey flush out sperm?

The answer is NO. THE CLAIM THAT WHISKY CAN PREVENT PREGNANCY IS TOTALLY FALSE.Whisky is not a contraceptive and cannot even be used as an emergency contraceptive. It cannot kill spermatozoa and has no effect whatsoever on semen. It is just a coincidence that you think whisky has been helping you not to get pregnant…you were probably in your safe period….Try using whisky when you are ovulating and see if it will work…it will not and pregnancy is sure (all things being equal).

What can you now use to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex?

It is easy, there are many proven emergency contraceptive pills out there such as postinor, postpill, plan B, and even intrauterine Contraceptive device known simply as IUCD…IUCD can prevent pregnancy up to 5 days after unprotected sexual intercourse .. while postinor and other pills must be taken within 72 hours. Yes these pills and the IUCD are tested and trusted …they work if taken according to the instructions written on the leaflets. If you want an IUCD, go to the hospital for a health care provider to insert it.

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