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Mrs Julian brought her KID to the pharmacy outlet & complained of serious #EYE_IRRITATION, on the course of using an #EYE_DROP.

I did some clerking & found out that, they have been using the eye DROP for close to 7 WEEKS.

#Pharmaceutical_Intervention: I told her to Discard the medication, Rinsed HIS eyes with Clean water then applied abit of cold compression (using some Ice in a Plastic bag).

NOTE 👇👇👇👇👇👇

The Expiry Date of some Drug Formulations Changes the Day You Open Them.

Such as : Eye drops, Ear drops & Powder for Oral Suspension.

*Your Eye & Ear drops can stay PRESERVED till their Expiry date if NOT opened. But after opening, it can only be preserved for about 30 DAYS.

Risk of contamination is high afterwards, hence any UNUSED portion should be DISCARDED, Unless told otherwise by your Pharmacist.

*Many drug formulations for KIDS are made as DRY POWDER to be reconstituted before use. Such Powders can stay for as long as 2 YEARS (depending on the expiry dates), the reconstituted suspension should be used within 2 weeks.

Any unused portion should be discarded after this period because of contamination risk.

#NOTE : Some eye drops are preservative free in single use containers. These products should be discarded after One use (eg : Artifical Tears Lubricant Eye drops).

List of eye drops in Nigeria
Eye drops

#LASTLY : The Storage conditions can also have an effect on degradation of drugs (such as, Cold Chain Eye drops).

Always CONSULT YOUR Eye Doctor Or Pharmacist on the USAGE & STORAGE of your Medications (It’s Part of our Service).

Now a quick one….

A list of eye drops in Nigeria

  • Xalatan Eye drop
  • Antallerge
  • Chloramphenicol eye drop (An antibiotic eye drop)
  • LUMIFY Eye drop
  • Visine Eye Drops
  • dipyridamole eye drops
  • Cosopt eye drops
  • maxitrol eye
  • optrex
  • latanoprost eye drop (for allergy)
  • timolol eye drops from glaucoma
  • alcon eye drop
  • Hyssop Eyedrop
  • tobradex eye drops (good for infants)
  • spersallerg eye drops (allergy)
  • Drofen eye drops
  • Clear eyes (for eye redness)
  • Ciproeye Eye Drop
  • Ciprofloxacin eye drops
  • Catalin eye drop
  • Can-C Eye Drop
  • Volvox Eye Drops
  • Chloramphenicol eye ointment
  • Thera Tears
  • Allerex eye
  • Azopt eye drop
  • Eyemolol eye drop for glaucoma
  • Diclofenac eye drop (for pain)
  • Alphagan Eye Drops
  • Gentamycin eye drops
  • Neomycin eye drops
  • Alphagan Eye Drops
  • Isotine eye drops
  • Occulerg (Antazoline) eye drop
  • Optimol eye drops
  • Dextracin Eye
  • Travatan Eye Drops
  • tobramycin eye drops
  • There are more out there.

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