How can a Nigerian trained doctor work in Dubai?

How to work as a doctor in UAE 🇦🇪 (DHA Step1)

There’s a little trick I’ll be letting you know here on why most people have been discouraged from the Dubai pathway.

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How can a Nigerian trained doctor work in Dubai?
How can a Nigerian trained doctor work in Dubai?

One thing you need to understand about UAE is that you don’t get a license to work in UAE, you get licensed to work in particular states in UAE, I’m going to be focusing on the Dubai license (DHA), one little advice from me, write PLAB before you consider Dubai, I’ll explain why later.

1) before you apply for DHA license, you have to have a DHA account, it’s free to create one- go to the DHA website and click on register/create new account. Once you’re done creating the account, select individual homepage and you’d see this page 👇

Click on health licensing service

Click on Health Licensing service and then click on explore, you will then click on new applicant and see three steps… Step 1, 2, 3… I’ll tell you the trick on step one, which has discouraged a lot of Nigerian doctors…

Then click on self assessment tool and you’ll have a form to fill. This form will ask about your qualifications… note that for you to work in Dubai as a Nigerian doctor, you must have at least, 2 years of experience, that’s your house Job and one extra year…

Applying to become a doctor in Dubai

At the end of the assessment, if you’re from Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, etc, you’re most likely going to see that you are “INELIGIBLE”, this is the tricky part where most people are confused and eventually give up on Dubai…

I’m going to tell you a trick… please share this article …

Most people who reach this stage, forget to see the “MANUAL ASSESSMENT” button. Click on it to apply for a manual one. The automatic one has been programmed to render Nigerian doctors as ineligible… the manual is not free and you’ll have to pay about 250 dirhams (#31,000 naira)

This manual process will involve you scanning your documents and certificate and sending them, it usually takes over a week to process. If this process deems you eligible, then you can choose to book a prometric exam date. Remember I said I advise you to take PLAB?…

If you’ve passed all the PLAB, you don’t have to take the DHA prometric exam. If you do not have PLAB, then you’ll have to book an exam date for 1200 dihrams (#125,000)…
Once you click on book an exam, a new window to an exam company will appear (…

I this is another confusing part because they will ask you for an eligibility ID, you will have to search on the prometric website for a “generate eligibility ID” button. Click on it and you will get a number, this number is important….

Now, about the booking, I advise that you book at least one month in advance because, in parallel to this, there’s something called “primary source verification” which usually will take a month to complete. This is not compulsory before the exam but beneficial…

The Primary source verification is given by another company called DATAFLOW and they will verify all your certificates, it will cost about (1200 dihrams -#125,000).

During booking, you can select a testing center. In Nigeria, there is a prometric center called DRAGNET, in Lagos, you can take the exams there…

I wish you goodluck on step 1. I will talk about Step2/3, how to prepare, etc. just follow me & share, it wasn’t easy to get this.

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  1. I read something online about attestation of your documents before scanning and sending them to the DHA. Is that correct, and where do I do that?

  2. Good morning Sir,
    Please can a Nigerian nurse get a 2 years residence Visa in Dubai if He/ She has a DHA license considering the wok permit issues of Nigerians in the UAE.


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