Goko Cleanser for erectile dysfunction? How true?

Goko herbal cleanser has been over time suggested as an aphrodisiac and libido booster.

How true is this?

I decided to take to some end users of the bitters on the streets of Lagos and I got missed reactions.


Goko herbal cleanser is quite common aroung here especially used by younger males who used it to last longer in bed. I don’t really know if it works.

Goko Cleanser for erectile dysfunction? How true?
Goko Cleanser for erectile dysfunction? Mixed reactions


I am bayo, 27 years old and a trader here in the market. I once tried using goko cleanser to treat weak erection then but if failed me. I tried other bitters and same. I don’t believe goko herbal cleanser works for erectile dysfunt because I tried it.


Boys dey use goko herbal cleanser mixed with milk for manpower o. Dem say he dey work but I never try am.

Mama Iyameto

I don’t know if goko cleanser works as burantashi o. But my husband dey use action bitter and sometimes orijin bitters with milk to charge him dondon before he carry me go the other room.

Dolapo Taiyeyemi

Me no dey support the proliferation of bitter for Nigeria Sha. Because I know say the thing dey affect kidneys and liver liver very much….many young men dey take bitters before they invite their girlfriend over. He be like say the thing dey help them last long for bed.

Pastor Gbemi

I don’t support the use of bitters to for performance. I don’t even care if goko cleanser works in treating erectile Dysfunction. Why is no one talking of the possible side effects. Since a friend of mine survived kidney failure, na bombastic side eye I dey give these bitters company


The last time I used bitters for knacks, I nearly died. My thing no gree go down again for almost 5 hours. The pain no be here Sha. The truth be say I mix the goko cleanser with hausa manpower.

My Medical Opinion

Goko cleanser may truly work for some persons in treating erectile dysfunction as these bitters are mixed with ingredients that may not even be documented. Many doctors frown at the use of bitters for weak erection, low libido or low sperm count. This is because of the rising rate of kidney and liver failure amongst young persons. There are healthier ways of boosting your bedmatins performance.

Moreover, if you have erectile problems, see a doctor.

Thank you.


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