Side Effects of Apetamin Syrup and Pills.

Yours sincerely, will take its time to analyse critically the dangers and side effects of apetamin.

Good evening all, I promised yesterday that I will be taking about an infamous supplement called APETAMIN today, it’s content and why it isn’t a healthy choice for weight gain, please follow through the thread. #nutrition #weightgain.

If you’re struggling with gaining weight, Apetamin might seem like a good choice because you’ve seen “testimonies” from people right? Trust me you don’t want to go down that road. It’s basically an indian-made illegal pharmaceutical drug that might kill you.

Side Effects of Apetamin Syrup
What are the Side Effects of Apetamin Syrup?


Before I continue please note that some statements on this thread are fair comments based on observation. This content is produced on a matter of public interest. Statements on this thread are my honest opinion as well as well intensive research open to public criticism.

Apetamin-P, also referred to as Apetamin Pills or Apetamin syrup is a self-proclaimed weight gain pill created by an Indian pharmaceutical manufacturer named TIL Healthcare PVT.
While this product looks simply like any other supplement you’d find, the vast majority of users don’t know that Apetamin-P is banned in most western countries, as it contains the prescription-only drug called cyproheptadine. Cyproheptadine is what is known as an anti-histamine and is given by doctors to those who suffer significantly from seasonal allergies.


One potential side-effect to the drug which seems like the great thing about it is increased appetite. TIL Healthcare manufacture and market this product as a means of gaining weight, specifically for those who might be underweight.

The drug rules and regulations are extremely lax in India, meaning such products like this are actually allowed to exist, and of course, they find their way over to western nations illegally, somehow.

Apetamin has been made popular by a seemingly endless supply of youtube videos all targeting those who are searching for fast ways to gain weight. Consumers of Apetamin Pills are told the product can cure eating disorders, and are promised effects such as higher appetite levels and overall faster weight gain. Currently this product only seems to be available in underground pharmacy websites and will not be available in stores or reputable supplement manufacturer websites as it is totally illegal.

Now I know the question going through your mind is, “blah blah all I want to know is does it actually work?” The answer is potentially yes, using Apetamin could help elevate your appetite levels, one of the effects that certain people may experience while using cyproheptadine is increased appetite. With that being said, not every single user of the drug will experience this effect, furthermore you’re actually going to need to eat to see results the pills themselves aren’t just going to magically increase your body weight.

But should you actually use this product for the purpose of weight gain? Absolutely not, it’s totally not work it. The first thing to note is that this product is banned in the United States and almost every other western country. This is because cyproheptadine is a powerful anti-histamine drug that must only be used under the careful supervision of doctors. Make no mistake, self-medicating with this drug could potentially kill you, especially if you’re already taking medication.

If you’re suffering from an eating disorder (such as anorexia), this product is not a cure, you should always consult with a medical practitioner. If you’re simply looking for something to help you gain a bit extra weight (be it fat or muscle), then there are other highly effective, and much safer options that you should go for. Do not buy into the lies and deceit instilled in the youtube videos.

Potential side effects includes sleepiness, dizziness, tremors, irritability, blurred vision, nausea and diarrhea, liver toxicity and failure. In addition, it can interact with many drugs, including antidepressants, Parkinson’s disease medications, and other antihistamines.

And these side effects are real and totally not worth it!

Bottom line is even though Apetamin contains cyproheptadine hydrochloride, a prescription-only antihistamine that may increase appetite, it is totally not worth risking your life for, when there are better options like consulting a Nutritionist to plan a proper Weight Gain Diet

And recommending approved and tested Supplements to help you achieve your goal. So please and please stay away from that supplement, there is a reason is it NOT approved by any drug agencies.

Hope this was help enough, God bless.

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