Difference between original and fake Apetamin syrup?

Yours sincerely, www.nimedhealth.com.ng can confirm that Fake apetamin syrup has flooded many Nigerian markets and pharmacy stores.. The menace of fake apetamin is that aside its life threatening side effects, it does not work and will not give the desired results of weight gain, buttocks enlargement, hips enlargement, and curves. is How will you identify a fake apetamin syrup from a real one?

We will try to differentiate between a fake apetamin and original apetamin.

Original apetamin

1. Comes from the

2. Comes in glass bottle

3. Has a verifiable NAFDAC number

4. Sold in trusted pharmacies and supermarkets

5. Syrup is lighter in colour and texture

Fake and original apetamin
Real and fake apetamin

Fake apetamin

1. Different color

2. No verifiable NAFDAC number

3. Syrup is darker in color and texture. May change color if left standing in the sun.

Fake apetamin syrup
Fake and original apetamin syrup in a cup. Take not of the colour

4. Funny smell

5. Not from a trusted supplier

6. Funny taste

7. Fake apetamin is in plastic bottle… This is not really a criteria though.

8. Apetamin P is not the real or original apetamin. It is an imitation.


I will leave this one here. I will be back soon. First look closely and study this photo. And guys make use of the internet to do your research. Pls and pls your own due diligence is very important.

I promised you that without prejudice or bias (inclination to any particular side) we will do the unmasking on the scammers so that whenever you are buying Apetamin syrup you sure that you are buying original one.

This pictures tries to summarize how you can spot a fake or an original apetamin without much stress.

Difference between original and fake Apetamin syrup?
How to spot a fake apetamin in pictures.

The aim of nimedhealth.com.ng is to create public awareness and educate the consumer so as not to get scammed. The judgement on what to buy or not lies entirely to the consumer. Am open to corrections and I welcome your opinion on the comment section supported with facts!!

Let us all unmask real or original and fake or adulterated apetamin syrup together.

Source: nimedhealth.com.ng


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