Dear, How much is cost of a prosthetic limb in Nigeria? Cost of artificial leg in Nigeria, Cost of prosthetic leg in Nigeria..


I am a great fan of your website @… Thank you for helping to answer questions affecting our health and well being. My name is James and I am based in Lagos. My father who is diabetic recently had a below knee amputation of the left leg due diabetic foot disease… The amputation was successful as it was carried out by an orthopedic surgeon… The amputated stump has healed properly and my father is presently doing physiotherapy to learn how to use the amputated limb again.. Sincerely @ nimedhealth, my Dad is just 52 years and still has a whole lot of life ahead of him. The orthopedic surgeon in collaboration with the physiotherapist has recommended an artificial leg or limb to my dad to enable move about and ensure he is not wheel chair bound for the remaining part of his life.

Please, I have a question, it is possible to get a prosthetic limb in Nigeria? If yes, how much… how much is artificial leg or prosthetic limb in Nigeria?

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How much is the cost of a prosthetic limb in Nigeria?
Prices of prosthetic limb in Nigeria


Dear James,

I am quite sad that your father had to lose a limb to diabetes… How is he doing now… Is his blood sugar well controlled now? Hope he is still seeing his diabetologist OR endocrinologist for his routine check up… Also follow up his blood pressure as hypertension and diabetes are Siamese Twins. Now to answer your enquiries, artificial like or prosthetic limbs are quite expensive… The manufacturing of Prosthetic limbs is highly individualized ..this means no two persons may be able to use the same artificial limb…

According to what an orthortic told on prostheses: “The cost of artificial limb depends on the individual using it, the materials used to make it, the quality of materials used to make it, the function of the prosthesis, the size of the artificial limb and the dexterity of the artificial limb. From the findings of, the cost of a prosthetic limb in Nigeria ranges between #250,000 to #5,000,000 Naira..

Mr James, you will need to discuss with your dad’s doctors and physiotherapist to know which prosthetic limb us best suited for him because prosthetic limbs comes in different types according to the manufacturer. Let your doctors know your pocket before one will be ordered for your father. Nimedhealth can confirm that an orthortic and a physiotherapist will come and take measurements of your father’s amputated limb to ensure he gets a suitable and walk-able size.

I hope nimedhealth has answered your question?

Thank you



  1. Good day Sir, I just stumbled on your post about the cost of prosthesis and i feel i should share more lights.
    when it comes to Prosthetic technologies the options are endless.
    There are factors to considered after assessment before recommendation
    for example age, occupation, lifestyle of an individual, cause of amputation and patient’s expectations etc… A diabetic patient may not benefit from what a traumatic amputee can benefit from.
    For below the knee it doesn’t end from 250k to 500k it could be up to 5 million naira.
    There are factors regarding this for example are the components and materials new or used, are they of good quality or not and their functionalities.
    Thank you
    Kind regards

  2. Dear
    good day please i will like to know the price of prosthetic limb my precious wife lost her limb late last year.she is a sickle cell patient since then she as been thinking and depressed of her condition but i promised to make her happy kindly let me know the amount.thanks
    my email…[email protected]


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