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Are you A lady battling infertility as a result of pelvic inflammatory disease. [/caption]

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), or Pelvic Infection is an Infection of the Reproductive organs in the Female.

These organs include, the Womb, the Tubes, the Ovaries ,the Cervix and thier supporting structures.

So an Infection of one or more of these parts is PID

It is most often caused by ascending Infection,i.e Infection “Ascending” from the Vagina up to the Reproductive Organs.

A variety of Microorganisms have been seen to cause it.

PID, is tricky because a number of people dont show symptoms, until complications develop

So Prevention is Key!

Women “at the most risk* for developing PID are those who :
*are Some of the Signs /Symptoms of PID are

Lower Abdominal Pain (Most common)
Vaginal Discharge
Pain during Sexual Intercourse
Vaginal Bleeding (Between periods or During Sex)
Painful and/or Frequent Urinating.
Upper Abdominal Pain

It is important to see your Dr as soon as you have complaints, or develop any of these symptoms.

Because PID can cause some very serious complications like:

Infertility – Up to 12 % of women, can develop infertility,or subfertility from 1 episode of PID.

After 3 episodes, this number can rise as high as 40-50%

This means that up to half of women, may find it harder to get pregnant if they have had PID 3 times.

Ectopic Pregnancy – It also increases the likelihood of pregnancies occuring outside the womb.

An “Outside the womb” pregnancy or Ectopic Pregnancy is most times an emergency, and comes with its complications, most times requiring surgery and loss of a tube.

Abscess – PID could also result in formation of an abscess, (a pus filled sac ) in the tubes….

This could damage the tube, reducing fertility or even require surgery.

Pain! – Sometimes the inflammation or infection of the organs, can lead to “Chronic Pelvic Pain” .
This simply means pain, that is continuous, even after the Infection has been treated.

With all these Scary Complications, how do we prevent PID!?

*Prompt Treatment- PID is mostly caused by ascending Sexually transmitted infection.So anytime you have a complaint “down there”, See your Doctor for Prompt Treatment!

*Safe Sexual Practices- You cant get Sexually transmitted infections, if you dont have Sex (lol) but if you are Sexually active,
Be faithful to your Partner
Be protected!

N.B Condoms are the only Contraceptive that protects against STI!…

…avoid having multiple partners or partners that have multiple partners.

*ALLOW YOU VAGINA TO VAGINE! (Proper Vagina care) – Nuff said about this… Questions? Read this article now.

*Medications- When being treated for an STI, Ensure you complete your Meds!…improperly treated STI, can lead to PID and all it’s possible complications!

*Get tested! – If you are “at risk” you can talk to your Doctor and ask to be tested. Talk to your potential partners about thier sexual history.
Get them tested too, or wear a Condom.

In conclusion, PID is a big deal because the complications can be life changing/threatening.

So if you have any symptoms, or are “at risk” , have a talk with your Dr.

Practice Safe sex and Take your Meds for as Long as your Doctor Says!
Dont stop because you feel better

💥💥💥One Other Thing 💥💥💥💥

You probably must have landed on this page thinking you will see me list out home remedies natural herbs for curing PID. Don’t be disappointed, I actually wanted you to see how complicated pelvic inflammatory disease can be if not treated with the right drugs prescribed by your doctor. I repeat, their is no herb that can be used to treat PID. IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE AND COMPLICATED. There are no natural herbs for PID in Nigeria. Stop searching!

This article was sourced from Dr John Afam.


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