HSG test cost in Ghana (See Price of Hysterosalpingogram in Ghana) – The cost of HSG in Ghana.

What is HSG? It means Hysterosalpingogram. It’s an investigation using x-ray to determine the patency of the fallopian tubes. A dye would be injected. A hysterosalpingogram, or HSG, is a procedure used to check for blockage in the uterus and/or Fallopian tubes. A dye is inserted into the cervix and uterus through a thin tube.

Most doctors request Ghanaian women trying to conceive to go for HSG test when they suspect blocked Fallopian tubes as the cause of their (women) infertility.

The fallopian tubes are two thin tubes, one on each side of the uterus, which help lead the mature egg from the ovaries to the uterus. When an obstruction prevents the egg from traveling down the tube, a woman has a blocked fallopian tube, also known as tubal factor infertility. This can occur on one or both sides and is the cause of infertility in up to 30% of infertile women.

Diagnosis :

Blocked tubes are usually diagnosed with a specialized x-ray called a hysterosalpingogram, or HSG. An HSG is one of the basic fertility tests ordered for every couple struggling to conceive. The test involves placing a dye through the cervix using a tiny tube. Once the dye is in place, x-rays of the pelvic area are taken.

If all is normal, the dye will go through the uterus and fallopian tubes and spill out around the ovaries and into the pelvic cavity. If the dye doesn’t get through the tubes, then you may have a blocked fallopian tube.

Treatment for Blocked Fallopian Tubes :

If you have one open tube and are otherwise healthy, you might be able to get pregnant without too much help. Your doctor may give you fertility drugs to increase the chances of ovulating on the side with the open tube. This is not an option, however, if both tubes are blocked.

In some cases, laparoscopic surgery can open blocked tubes or remove scar tissue. Unfortunately, this treatment doesn’t always work. The chance of success depends on how old you are (the younger, the better), how bad and where the blockage is, and the cause of blockage. If just a few adhesions are between the tubes and ovaries, then the chances of getting pregnant after surgery are good.

Dont bypass your fallopian tubes and go for ivf instead you can go for tuboplasty and open your fallopian tubes blockage. Your gynaecologist will counsel you as appropriate.

HSG test cost in Ghana (See Price of Hysterosalpingogram in Ghana)
HSG in Ghana and the cost

Any side effects?

Yes. Just mild or severe pain especially when the contrast media is being injected. Besides the investigation takes about 15mins on average…can last longer if they encounter issues trying to access the cervix. Some women may also react to the contrast dye – develop an allergic reaction to the dye.

It’s not painful if done correctly (some labs perform painless HSG). It’s certainly not comfortable and you’re all warriors for putting up with all the poking and prodding, but if the the speculum is warmed, lubricated well, and removed immediately after inserting the insufflator and inject very slowly it is very tolerable (less painful) .
As a doctor that have observed many HSG procedures, I’ve never had anyone say they couldn’t continue or that it was unbearable. Doctors should make sure they pre-treat with ibuprofen before the procedure.


From the laboratories I have asked in Ghana, the cost of HSG test in Ghana is around GHC 550 – GHC 1,000 cedis. In Kumasi, HSG test cost is about GHC 900 cedis.


The myth that HSG is damaging to ovaries is FALSE. The amount of radiation exposure is minimal. There is not enough dose or duration to harm tissues. You’re literally getting more gamma rays taking a long flight.



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