How much is IVF in Ghana Cedis? What is the cost of IVF in Ghana?

As years go by, many Ghanaian couples are becoming more open to having children in various ways asides the traditional way.

Before I go into the cost of IVF in Ghana, it is important I share with you some facts about In Vitro Fertilization, otherwise known as IVF.

How much is IVF in Ghana Cedis?
What is the cost of IVF in Ghana?

For couples who can’t get pregnant, turning to medical doctors for help to have a baby using IVF is often the last hope, although some may consider surrogacy or adoption as their last resort.

But what is IVF? What do you need to know? Check out our top four facts!

1 – What is IVF?

IVF stands for in-vitro fertilization. Eggs and sperm, either from donors or the couple themselves, are taken and the fertilization process (which causes a #pregnancy) happens outside of the body.

IVF is often used by couples that have been trying to get pregnant but have remained unsuccessful for a long time.

There are various problems that can stand in the way of having a child, such as #infertility in either or both partner(s), certain illnesses and diseases…or premature menopause. But there are many other factors that influence your ability to have a child.

IVF usually isn’t the first step when there are #fertility issues; if you suspect you or your partner could have a problem, please see a doctor to see what your options are.

2 – How does IVF work?

If the woman’s eggs are used, she will have to undergo hormone treatments for a while to produce more eggs than just one per cycle.

These are then harvested at the time of ovulation. In a laboratory, they will then be immediately mixed with sperm from the father or a male donor.

Then, you wait to see if an embryo (or several) form(s). If it does, it will be transferred back into the woman’s uterus.

To increase the chances of pregnancy, usually more than one is being transferred.

3 – How successful is IVF in Ghana?

What is the IVF success rate in Ghana? The success rate depends on a few things. Most importantly, the age of the mother-to-be. The younger she is, the better the chances are.

In case of donor eggs, the younger the donor, the better the probability of pregnancy. IVF success rate in Ghana also depends on the IVF centre – truth be told, some IVF clinics in Ghana have a higher and better success rate than others.

4. How much is IVF in Ghana Cedis? What is the cost of IVF in Ghana?

In Ghana, a cycleof IVF costs about $3,000 – $5,000 USD (which is equivalent to GHC 17,500 – GHC 30,000 Ghana Cedis). This may exclude the cost of serial ultrasound, medications, hospital stay and delivery. In Ghana, health insurance companies do not cover the cost of IVF. If you are planning to opt for IVF, it’s important to know that you may need more than one cycle, and so you need to plan the budget accordingly.There are also stand but low cost IVF centres with good success rate in Ghana that you can patronise like Pro-vita hospital.

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