How to use bitter kola to last longer in bed.. Sexual benefits of kola to men, how bitter kola helps men sexually.

Have you ever heard of “bitter kola Viagra”? Well we are here now. Let me quickly explain to you how bitter kola helps a man overcome his erectile troubles and the secrets behind it before i will proceed to educate you on how to go about using bitter kola as natural Viagra, aphrodisiac and manpower..

How bitter kola helps a man sexually:

Sexual benefits of bitter Kola to men

1. Boost sperm count

Bitter kola has been found to be very useful in boost sperm production, sperm count, and sperm motility… It is a plant that is believed to help make a man virile and fertile again.

How to use bitter kola to last longer in bed
Bitter kola cures erectile dysfunction in males…

2..Treats weak erection

Bitter kola conveniently treats a man’s erectile dysfunction by way of increasing blood flow to the privates… With this, it receives good oxygen and nutrients which cures erectile problems and improves his overall stamina in his official and unofficial duties.

3. Cures premature ejaculation

Eating bitter kola, drinking soaked bitter water, or drinking a combo of bitter kola blended with water melon seeds has been proven to help cure premature ejaculation, quick ejaculation, boost libido, boost fertility, increase sperm count, and enhance stamina.

It is a proven natural Viagra that many men and even women can attest to…..It is safe, natural and you should try it.

4. Boost libido

Bitter kola is a popular plant that has been well documented in Science to help boost libido… our forefathers didn’t just start chewing this bitter plant for nothing…. They found out early that it improves their libido and makes them stay longer on the matter.

Bitter kola blended with ginger, honey or bitter leaf very well enhances libido…. Suffering from fertility issues and poor libido? Start chewing bitter kola now.


How to use bitter kola to last longer in bed

1. Mixture of alligator pepper, bitter Kola inside coconut water has a bunch of health advantages to humans, helps to boost libido in both males and females.

Method of Preparation:

Take big glass cup of about 1.5 liters
Take 2 bitter kola remove the posterior shell and chop into thinnier pieces, drop them in the glass cup.

Take the alligator pepper and grind into powder, pour a little bit of it in the glass cup.

Pour the Coconut water inside and allow it to permeate for 12 hours.

After 12 hours, drink it early in the morning on an empty stomach. You can add little honey to it, if you like it sweet.

2. Soak Bitter Kola In Coconut Water For 2 Days…for your libido


Get seven nuts of Bitter kola, scrap the back off, Get a proportion of coconut water in cup.

Leave the seven Bitter Kola’s inside the coconut water for three days and three nights, drink a small proportion of it in the morning and night. This will help treat your erectile dysfunction and boost your confidence.

3. Mix Bitter Kola And Water Melon Seed In Water For 3 days to improve your libido, treat your erectile dysfunction (impotence) and make regain your long lost stamina

To prepare it, soak Bitter Kola and blend water melon seed in bitter lemon drink for 3 days and drink morning and night. This super combo is meant basically to boost your libido, boost your and improve overall performance.

Be informed that this are not the only benefits of this combo. There are far many more as bitter kola will also help improve semen quality and increases a man chances of fathering a child.

NEW INFORMATION: Bitter kola blended with tiger nuts is currently the number one natural “Aphrodisiac Viagra” in the world right now. Try it.

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