Common Poultry Diseases in Nigeria and Treatment.

Poultry farmers get in here and let us have some discussions about poultry diseases!

Today as Succinct as i can, i will talk about common disease/conditions faced in Nigerian poultry farms with their respective herb/hacks and drugs used to treat them.

Common Poultry Diseases in Nigeria and Treatment
Poultry diseases and Treatments

One day we will talk about these diseases/conditions one after the other.

Common Poultry Diseases in Nigeria and Treatment

PS; I will not talk about diseases that can be prevented via vaccinations like Mareks, Avian flu etc but the following:

1.Coccidiosis: usually results from poor biosecurity, Eimeria cysts primarily cause GIT disease, they’re hardy, fast spreading and result in high mortality rate. Coccidiosis is a very deadly poultry disease that kills chicken and causes low egg yield.

Hack: bitter leaf and scent leaf extract.

Drugs: Anticoccidial drugs – Amprolium hydrochloride + Sulfaquinoxaline-Sodium; and Toltrazuril + vaccination.

2. Paralysis: may be either infectious or non-infectious, and are caused by a wide range of organisms (can also be a hatchery issue) or deficiencies. Treatment is by identifying the cause of infection and treating/vaccinating appropriately. Non infections conditions can be treated thus:

Hacks: ground bones and shells

Drugs: limestone, calcium supplement and vit B and D

3. Solider ant invasion: not a disease but this is a serious cause of worry in many poultry with water-logging/ drainage issue (story for another day but will be surely told some day).

Hack: pour used (black) engine oil, ash, water with detergent and salt directly on the ants and around the poultry

Drug: spray DD-forte or pyrethrin solution carefully around the farm.

4.Booster: since time immemorial farmers always want to produce 6week old chicks that look like 10-12week old bird. (Note:Proper feeding is the best growth promoter).

Hack: dried moringa, paw-paw leaf or mango bark extract, turmeric, ginger and garlic.

Drug: multivitamins and feed additives

5.Prolapse and Bumble foot: can be caused by obesity, straining during laying, calcium deficiency and infections like vent gleet .
a)In prolapse simply wash the vent region, rub lubricant and push it back in.
b)In bumble foot: scrape the under of the feet, clean it up and rub a tincture of iodine. In both cases isolate the birds till they are healed.

6. Newcastle Disease: Newcastle disease is an infection of domestic poultry and other bird species with virulent Newcastle disease virus (NDV). It is a worldwide problem that presents primarily as an acute respiratory disease, but depression, nervous manifestations, or diarrhea may be the predominant clinical form. Egg production and quality are affected. It may produce torticollis, paralysis and bloody diarrhoea. High morbidity and mortality occur with velogenic pathotype.

Treatment: Better prevented with vaccines than cured.

Finally, poultry diseases/conditions are known to be mixed infections at times. Hacks work majorly in prevention not core treatment.

Always consult your vet for additional guidance before you administer herb/drug.

If this made sense to you leave a comment on topics you would like me to discuss.

Culled from Local vet Africa


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