Can soft drinks cause erectile dysfunction or weak erection?

Sugary Drinks do NOT cause weak erection.
Soft Drinks do NOT cause erectile dysfunction.
Soft Drinks do NOT cause weak erection.

It is a lie, it is a myth.
It is a convenient excuse.

If you have weak erection:
There are causes for it-
NOT sugary drinks.

Broadly speaking, there are 2 things that can cause weak erection in a man:

We can broadly call them physical causes and psychological causes.

Physical causes refer to unhealthy habits/behaviour and medical problems with his body. Psychological causes are mainly mind problems.

Psychological causes are:
•Being broke
•Stress at work/home
•Anxiety about life/future
•Loss of a loved one
•Loss of a job
•Relationship problems

Anything that can mess with your mind and mental state as a man can give you weak erection and no interest in sex.

Physical causes includes terrible habits:
•Being overweight
•Excessive alcoholism
•Drug abuse/misuse

People who use hard drugs, who smoke, who don’t monitor their weight and excessively indulge in alcohol tend to have weak erection problems.

Smoking especially.

Other physical causes of weak erection:

•Heart disease
•Blocked blood vessels
•High cholesterol
•High blood pressure
•Parkinson’s disease
•Some medications like antidepressants
•Peyronie’s disease (scar tissue inside the penis)

There’s still more.

•Sleep disorders
•Treatments for prostate problems
•Surgeries or injuries in your private part or spinal cord
•Low testosterone levels

People who don’t get enough sleep may have erection problems. As well as anyone who has had injuries/surgeries in their pelvic/penis area.

Please note something important:
The MAIN/MOST COMMON CAUSES of weak erection in men is psychological and mental. No physical.

Can soft drinks cause erectile dysfunction or weak erection?
Does Soft drinks cause weak erection?

It is almost always a result of a psychological stress you are having at that point- more than anything else.

This is why doctors advise reassurance.

And in most psychological causes of weak erection- it naturally goes on its own.

However if you notice that the erection problem is getting worse and lingering on- please speak with a doctor. They can examine you and order tests to find a cause for it.

Otherwise do not panic.

Another widely held belief is that sugary drinks can cause premature ejaculation.

That is also a lie. It is a myth.
And there is no truth to it.

I won’t go into discussing PE today
But all you need to know is that sugary drinks is NOT a cause. People just say/believe all sorts.

So if you have weak erection,
Look in those list of causes,
Modify your habit/lifestyle to stop anything you do which is a cause or see a doctor if nothing helps.

But don’t forget the main lesson of today: sugary drinks do NOT cause weak erections.

Another big mistake people make is people don’t actually understand what is “sugar”. That ignorance unfortunately drives a lot of misguided talk.

Eba is sugar.
Fufu is sugar.
Yams is sugar.
Rice is sugar.
Bread is sugar.

Any carbohydrate you take end up as sugar in your body.

Have you seen anyone saying Eba causes weak erection? Or saying Fufu causes weak erection? Lol.

But people are ready to die on the claim of sugary drinks will cause weak erection. It is very unfortunate ignorance.

The whole paranoia of sugary drink = weak erection is baseless.

IF you will say something as ridiculous as sugary drinks causes weak erection, then also say Eba and Rice causes weak erection.

Because Eba, Rice all end up as sugar in your body- if you know any biology whatsoever.

Finally, do NOT read/use this post to justify gluttony and start gulping excessive sugary drinks. That would be a largely unintelligent conclusion and decision.

Not primarily because of weak erection,
But because taking excess of anything is potentially dangerous to your health.

Pass the message on.

Dr Olufunmilayo.

Sugary drinks or Soft Drinks here means: coke, fanta, Pepsi, 7Up, Mountain Dew, Bullet, Sprite, Mirinda ETC.


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