(Ondo state native soup)Marugbo Soup: Health Benefits, Ingredients + Marugbo leaf, Health Benefits Marugbo leaf, What is Marugbo called in English?

It’s a Sunday morning! Let’s explore Ondo State! We would be looking at one of Ondo’s popular traditional dishes called Marugbo Soup or obe Marugbo in yoruba. Marugbo, also known as (Eweta) Soup, is a delicacy loved by the people of Ondo State, Edo, and other parts of South South Nigeria.

Other names of Marugbo soup: Gbanunu (sweep belle clean) soup, Ondo black soup, Eweta soup, Luru soup .

What is Marugbo in English? I have not found the English name for Marugbo leaf. However, its botanical name is Clorendendrum volubile. Colloquially, Marugbo soup is called “Ondo native soup or Ondo black soup” in English.

(Ondo state native soup)Marugbo Soup: Health Benefits, Ingredients + Marugbo leaf
A side by side picture of Marugbo leaf and Soup

It is prepared with a combination of two leaves; Marugbo being the primary leaf and the addition of Iteji, efinrin, akintola, lapalapa, epojebu, ekikan or iseketu. Marugbo leaf soups are very well favored for their general therapeutic and laxative effect on the body. It’s made from the leaves of Clorendendrum volubile. You should try it.

Marugbo soup is popularly eaten with Pupuru, Garri or pounded yam and is often prepared for pregnant women who have just put to bed as well as convalescents. Marugbo or Eweta it very nutritious and medicinal,its very good especially for women that just put to bed

When in Ondo state, Marugbo soup is a traditional soup worth trying.

Tribes that eat Marugbo soups:

the Ondos, Ilajes, Obetadudu, the Idanres, Obenetete, Urhobos, and the Edos.

Marugbo leaf soup is best served with:

It can be served with pupuru, eba, starch, amala, fufu or rice.

Nutritional Content or Value

Marugbo leaf soup rich in amino acid and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, selenium, zinc, iron, dietary fibre, low in cholesterol and fats.

Recipes/Ingredients for preparing Marugbo black soup:

Marugbo leaves (can come fresh, dried and powder)

Pepper fruit leaves/ ewe Igbee

Alligator Pepper leaves/ ewe Itaye

Black pepper leaves/ ewe Ighere or Uziza

African Basil, scent leaf or Efinrin

Ewe ailu or secamoneafzelli

Akintola/ Christmas bush



Palm oil


Smoked fish / fresh fish


Ponmo (optional)

Fresh hot pepper (Ata Rodo)

Seasoning Cube (anyone)

Salt to taste

Health benefits of Marugbo Soup or Marugbo Leaf

Obe Marugbo or Eweta soup has been found to be beneficial in the the treatment of:

➡️Gouty athritis

➡️Oedema in pregnancy (leg swelling in pregnancy)

➡️ Rheumatism

➡️ Hypertension (lowers blood pressure)

➡️Lowers blood cholesterol

➡️Good for heart diseases

➡️Lower blood sugar and good for diabetics

➡️Rich in iron and helps boosts the production of red blood cells in the body

➡️ Improves libido and makes a man last longer in bed

➡️Boosts ovulation and increases the chances of a woman getting pregnant

➡️ A perfect meal for pregnant women and women that just delivered

➡️ Helps remove stale blood from the womb after delivery. Hence, the Ondo, and Edo people prepare it with pounded yam for pregnant women.

➡️ Marugbo increases sperm count.

➡️ Aids digestive function

➡️ Since it is high in dietary fiber, Marugbo leaf soup helps treat constipation.

➡️ Marugbo has found use slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and improve cognitive function (memory).

➡️ Marugbo cleans out the bowel…. good for bowel health.

➡️ Useful in relieving the symptoms of arthritis.

➡️ Perfect for weight loss as it helps burn excess belly fat and body fat.

➡️ Marugbo leaf has anticancer properties

➡️ Good for persons with neurogenerative diseases according to research.

PS: Obe means soup in Yoruba language

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