Benefits of tiger nuts in pregnancy (Tiger nuts and female fertility).

Today the vegetable I picked is TIGER NUT.This session will take a new turn,tonight I’ll take us through the health benefits especially in pregnancy and by next session I’ll teach us how to make Tiger nut drink and other things we can use it for. Sit well, read and relax.


•Treatment of Libido Problems

Tigernuts are packed with vitamin E which is essential for fertility in both men and women. The treatment of erectile dysfunction is regarded as the major health benefit of this food, although there might not be any medical evidence to support this claim. Natives of Nigeria, Ghana, Spain and China have been using this nutritious food drink for decades as palliative for treating erectile dysfunction and menstrual problems.

•Treatment of Digestive Disorders

Most native doctors recommend tigernuts for patients who suffer from indigestion, flatulence, diarrhea and constipation, because of the digestive enzymes such as, catalase, lipase and amylase present in it. Digestive disorders are worse in pregnancy.

•Helps in Controlling Diabetes in pregnancy

Tigernut is a special food for pregnant women suffering from high blood sugar levels because they contain vast amount of insoluble fiber, which helps to reduce the intake of high glycemic index (starchy) foods.

•Rich in Insoluble Fiber

Tigernuts contain about 33% of fiber which is an impressive amount that can help reduce the constipation that is common pregnant women. Studies shows that 100g of tigernut flour contain about 60g of dietary fiber which is much higher compared to other natural sources of fiber such as, apples, dates, pears, rice and oats.

Rich Source of Vitamin E and C

There is increased demand for Vitamin E and vitamin C in pregnancy. These vitamins are good antioxidants which helps to protect against damages to the woman and baby caused by free radicals in the body.

Yogurts made with tigernut milk are normally preferred because of the abundance of these nutrients.

•Natural Source of Magnesium

Magnesium is scientifically proved for maintaining a healthy functioning of the body. It is valuable for nervous system, muscle function, high blood pressure and strong bones.

•Tiger nuts also contains potassium which helps to control high blood pressure and heart beat.

•Highly Rich in Arginine

Arginine is a type of amino acid which maintains the width of the blood vessels to ensure normal flow of blood. Arginine is also needed for the normal growth of your unborn baby.

•It is highly valuable for treating chest pain, heart burns, stomach ulcers, heart failure, artery disease, muscle cramp and headaches in pregnancy.

Health Benefits of tiger nuts in pregnancy (Tiger nuts and female fertility)
Tiger nuts is be beneficial in pregnancy and boosts female fertility

•They are very beneficial in fighting malnutrition especially in children since they are highly nutritive and as well affordable.

•They are rich source of protein which is required for body building.

•Nursing mothers are advised to drink tigernut milk for an increased production of breast milk to satisfy their baby. Promotes lactation.

•They prevent fibrosis and blockage of the tip of fallopian tube. Promotes female fertility.

•Tigernuts contain antioxidants which may delay the progression of HIV infection to AIDS.

•Tigernuts are useful in fighting bacterial infections such as streptococcus.

•The black variety of tigernuts is valuable in treating breasts lumps and cancers.

•Phosphorus, calcium and magnesium contained in tigernuts is valuable for fighting against tooth decay and osteoporosis.

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This has been what has been sustaining me for four months without soda.

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