How to use Papaya Seeds to Deworm Chickens Naturally, treating coccidiosis in chickens with papaya seeds.


Because the focus is on getting natural active ingredients that can eradicate chicken worms, we first discovered pawpaw seeds that were marked by their effectiveness. Research shows that all roundworms and tapeworms can be removed which can prevent your bird from growing properly. With papaya seeds, you can get rid of all worms in 2-3 days of use.

How to use Papaya Seeds to Deworm Chickens naturally
Using Carica Papaya Seeds to Deworm Chickens Naturally

Another reason for choosing paw seeds is the fact that it is agricultural waste. This means you almost don’t incur any costs. In my case, what I have to do is get closer to the people who cut and sell pawpaw, and I always enjoy it. This is a waste product for them, but something that is very valuable to me.

How to find out when to use papaya seed powder

There are several signs and indications that your chicken might be infected with worms. Prominent signs are slow growth and loss of appetite. It’s almost like a worm eats when your bird eats. The color and shape of chicken hoists can also be used to indicate that they have worms and need to be given deworms.

In addition, because using papaya seeds for chicken does not have a bad effect, you can dry them regularly. Maybe once a month.

How to use papaya seeds for development:

You can now give your chickens a healthy life by maximizing the use of trees near your feet. When harvesting papaya seeds, you must follow these steps to cure your chicken worms naturally.

Cut the pawpaw in half

Remove and wash the seeds to exclude the yellow ones

Dry the seeds in the sun until very dry

Milled into powder

As simple as that

To treat worms, you must give 3 grams of powder per kilogram to live weight of the chicken. This means that if you have chicken that weighs 3 kg, you need to apply 9 grams of powder. You can count on as many chickens as you have.

You don’t even need to buy anything

It also functions as a medicine for coccidiosis.

You can also choose to add something to the water instead of food.

Intestinal worms can compete with your chickens for nutrients in their bodies, so they must be removed as quickly as possible.

This is to ensure that your chicken reaches market weight when it matures. The use of papaya seed powder has proven to be very effective in removing worms, and you can try it today.



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