Nigerian mums discuss the meaning, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Jedi Jedi, jedijedi in babies and in adults, jedijedi in pregnancy, symptoms of jedijedi in adults, signs and symptoms of jedijedi in infants.

What is Jedi Jedi?

It is not a medical term neither is it an English word. Jedi Jedi also known as “chop yansh chop yansh” is a yoruba term or Nigerian slang used to describe many medical symptoms (including diagnosis) like dysentery(bloody stools), abdominal pains, piles (hemorrhoids), general body weakness, erectile dysfunction, impotence, diarrhoea (runny stomach), constipation, itchy anus, itchy groin, back pain, waist pain and many more just name it.

According to Dr Adams Ayeni, “usually, most patients call back pains jẹ̀díjẹ̀dí which they mostly attribute to intake of sugar. With proper history, a lot of such complaints have come out to be Intervertebral disc prolapse, osteoarthritis and in few cases, prostate cancer with metastases to the spine. There are others who pass bloody stool & regard it as jẹ̀díjẹ̀dí. There are also a few people who call haemorrhoids(piles) jẹ̀díjẹ̀dí. The onus now lies on the medical practitioner to sieve out whatever complaints the patient has and formulate a management plan for the patient.”

Mike Adegboye MD said jedijedi is “haemorrhoids, commonly called pile. Some other people use the word as a syndrome comprising pile, dysentery, diarrhoea, and low back pain.”

Nurse Ecca Brown described jedi jedi as “what mother’s call diaper dematitis and candidiasis . When the perianal region becomes red. But I understand that it stands for many other things.”

To an average market woman or lay persons out there especially in Southwestern and Southeastern Nigeria, every symptom is jedijedi and they always use agbo and other herbal concoctions to flush it out.

To further understand the concept of jedi jedi and how many people see it, i culled some comments by some women especially nursing mothers from the face facebook page of Paediatricians Give Answers (a forum for child health and well being on facebook). These women shed light on their understanding of the meaning, causes, symptoms, and treatment of jedi jedi.

Paediatricians Give Answers: What do you understand by Jedi Jedi? Has your child ever had it? What did you give to your Child? Please tell us…..

meaning, causes, symptoms, and treatment of jedi jedi.
What is jedi jedi

ANSWERS BY MOTHERS: Interesting Read👇💥💥💥

Ekene Chukwukeme

The meaning of JEDI JEDI? I think jedijedi is that greenish poo from babies. It may also be pile.

Owoeye-Mayowa Ololade Pearl

I give Agbo to my children from time to time ,when I see symptoms of jedi jedi like watery poo,I give a bit of flagyl, but I would love to learn safer methods. Sometimes it comes with itchy anus.

Helen Ogbodo Azubike Opurum

I apply sudo cream to treat jedijedi whenever my baby have itchy anus and diapers rash.

Fadekemi Adeyemi Oni

I think Jedi-Jedi is when a baby is finding it difficult to pass stool,or passing very hard stool.the only natural remedy is to take plenty of clean water.

Ibenezi Chidiogo Oguji

Yes, I was told my first baby have it and was given agbo (herb) Jedijedi. But didn’t use it for long cause I was afraid it might harm my baby.

Umu Abdullah Robiat Bakre

I don’t believe my child especially baby will have Jedi-Jedi.i don’t use anything.

Esther Ehikhametalo

I use agbo… occasionally when their poo has foul smell or when they begin to pollute around d house.

Ijeoma Agina Nwagbo

Clove soaked inside a bottle of water together with kafura(dont know d english name)cures jedijedi.

Collins Ada Precious

How do you know a baby has Jedijedi?

Shola Onafuye

Yes.oooo agbo his the best for jedi jedi

Olaniran Ogosi Rita

I don’t believe it can affect me or my baby because I cut down on sugar alot. Too much sugar is the main cause of jedi jedi.

Adaobi Ezema Ezeigwe

I don’t know what it is.Can the doctors explain please?

Nneka Okafor

Jedi_ Jedi normally disturb a baby when a breastfeeding mum takes something that contains sugar and the baby suck it from the breast. What I normally use when I notice it on my baby is metronidazole. But it will stop happening to a baby when the baby starts taking food that contains oil.

Yalaju Ekinadese Vanessa

I believe jedijedi is when the mum use to eat sweet things whereby making the baby to start pooping more than normal.

Atanmuti Gloria Ekrigwe

All this remedy can it be given to a child below 6months… My baby is experiencing serious jedjedi. They told me to give him scent leaf what I do is I squeeze and drink it. Don’t know if he is taking it from d breast milk.

Ogechi Chikezie Iwuoha

I also want to know more cos my baby is stooling 4 times everyday and the Dr said she’s fine.

Nneka Okafor

I give the my baby infant flagyl ie metronidazole that is what I use for my baby whenever I notice it.

Judith Obiaju

Whenever my baby is having symptoms of jedi- jedi like constipation, I use scent leaf for my baby…but pls boil it small inorder to kill germs, then give baby to drink.

Judith Obiaju

When a child takes sugary things a lot… jedi jedi will visit.
I do wash scent leaf (efirin), sieve out the water, heat on fire and give my baby to drink.

Ify Chuk

Pls i ned help too, my baby passing through same problem, I have used scent leaf, but it didn’t work, pls i need your advice.

Rita Ben-Ibekwe

My MIL (mother -in – law) used scent leave for my baby, just little and squeezed some into his anus.

Olori Olabisi Adeeso

I squeeze scent leave and give the water….
I believe that’s a natural remedy.

Topscy Nafisat

My baby use to fart out and during d process little poo comes out… It use to b like a drop in her diapers.. Is it jedijedi?

💥💥💥💥💥💥💥My Verdict💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

As you read above, you can see that there was no specific symptom or sign ascribed to jedijedi but most of the symptoms described by the mother pointed to gastrointestinal problems like piles (hemorrhoids), watery stool, constipation, greenish stool, foul smelling poo and so on.This symptoms may be more.

It is also noteworthy that 90 percent of the commenters ascribed the causes of jedijedi to sugary foods and then dirty water.

As for the treatment modalities for jedi jedi they highlighted, as a trained doctor, none of them (herbs, scent leaves, clove oil) will work. I also noticed the abuse of metronidazole commonly called flagyl to treat jedijedi by mothers, it will only lead to antibiotic resistance. This will even worsen “symptoms”.

Herbs and other herbal products(agbo jedi-jedi) will only damage the young liver and kidneys of your baby and of course you if you are using them to treat jedijedi.

If you notice you or your child is suffering from jedijedi, go to the hospital and see a doctor for treatment. If you are experiencing jedijedi in pregnancy, see your doctor. You wont regret it.

The End.

Comments culled from Paediatricians Give Answers.


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