Testicular self examination includes the physical inspection of the groin, scrotum, and testes.

Regular examination gives you an idea on the state of your balls from time to time as well as early detection of any abnormalities especially testicular cancer.

According to Wikipedia: “Testicular cancer is uncommon, affects mainly men between ages 15 and 49 and typically presents with a painless testicular lump, or change in shape or texture of the testicles. Monthly self-examination of the testicles, starting at puberty, maybe an effective way of detecting testicular cancer at an early, and potentially treatable stage.”

Testicular self examination can be done standing in front of a mirror. Any change observed could be a sign of a benign condition such as an infection, cyst or a cancer.

No special requirement is needed for this examination. It is easier after a warm bath because the scrotum relaxes when exposed to heat.

Testicular self examination
A TSE ongiong

To do a testicular exam on yourself, stand unclothed in front of a mirror

1. Look for swelling – Hold out your penis and examine the skin of the scrotum. Examination is done with the eyes and hands.

2. Examine The Testicles – The testicles are examined one after the other. Using both hands, place your index and middle fingers under the testicles and your thumbs on top.

3. Gently Role The Testicle Between Your Thumb And Fingers – Look and feel for any change in your testicles

4. Do a TSE as often as every month so you become familiar with the size and shape, this will make it easy to tell if something is wrong in the future.

If any abnormalities are detected, do not hesitate to contact a recognised health facility around you for expert management.

Some very important indications for a more frequent testicular self examination are family history of testicular cancer, previous history of testicular tumor, testicular atrophy (reduction in the size if the testes), and undescended testes.

In summary, Why is Testicular Self Examination Important for All Males? It is simple, it helps in the early detection and treatment of testicular cancer.

N/B – It is called TESTICULAR SELF EXAMINATION, so do it by yourself alone so that play will not enter. You know what I mean.


Featured Image: Testicular Cancer Awareness


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