When should you brush your teeth? Before or After Breakfast? Eating without brushing teeth in the morning, when is the best time to brush your teeth?

Answers Below:👇

DID YOU KNOW you do not have to brush your teeth first thing in the morning?

You can eat breakfast FIRST,

Then brush your teeth immediately AFTER eating.

This is totally normal.

Try this for a month and you will have:

•Fresher breath,

•Whiter teeth,

•No mouth odour.

Okay let me break it down.

The ideal thing is to ALWAYS brush your teeth LAST THING in the night just before you sleep.

If you do that,

That would keep your mouth/teeth clean through the night, such that when you wake up the next morning- you can eat your breakfast straightaway.

The only people who need to brush their teeth first thing in the morning are the people who went to bed the night before without brushing their teeth

When should you brush your teeth? Before or After Breakfast?
When should you brush your teeth? Before or After Breakfast?
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And such people are actually harming themselves and ruining their teeth.

Because that approach is very unhealthy and unhygienic.

So let’s learn the ideal way to take care of our teeth in terms of brushing:

•Brush your teeth twice a day

•Brush your teeth LAST THING at night after all food/drinks, and brush your teeth the next morning IMMEDIATELY AFTER breakfast (not before).

•NEVER rinse after brushing.

And the reason is because:

IF you brush your teeth before breakfast,

The food you eat after brushing will still mess your teeth up.

It’s better to brush AFTER breakfast,

And then go out without rinsing your mouth.

You will have healthier teeth and a fresh sweet breath all day.

So as a recap:

Brush your teeth last thing at night

– No other food or drinks afterwards

– Except water. Just water.

And eat your breakfast first in the morning then brush your teeth after breakfast.

So that’s the rule:

Brush twice a day –

Last thing at night,

And after breakfast.

If you strictly follow this advice for a few weeks- you would see that your mouth is better, your breath is fresher and your teeth is whiter.

Make sure you try it out.

At first it will be awkward, but eventually you will get used to it and it will be great.

Thanks for reading.

Dr Olufunmilayo


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