JUST IN: Medical Doctor dies of coronavirus in Katsina

It is a sad day for the medical community in Nigeria as COVID-19 has reportedly killed a Nigerian medical doctor in Katsina.

 Medical Doctor dies of coronavirus in Katsina
Medical Doctor dies of coronavirus in Katsina

This was disclosed by the state governor, Aminu Bello Masari, to the press. He said the doctor recently returned from Lagos, took ill before eventually succumbing to the deadly virus.

He said the deceased was Dr. Aminu Yakubu, a Daura based private Medical practitioner who recently returned from Lagos to the state.

Mr Masari went further to say that all the persons the deceased had contact with are being traced and his family members have been isolated.

The death of Dr. Aminu Yakubu has taken Nigeria’s total deaths to 6.

As at Monday, Nigeria has 238 cases of Coronavirus, according to theNCDCand Katsina was not among.

The fight against coronavirus is a joint task and we all need to play our part.

Wash your hands

Your hands should not touch your face

Social Distancing

No parties

No large gatherings

Stay at home

Eat fruits to boost your immune system

Don’t share fake news

Report to the appropriate authorities if you notice any symptom or you have a case to report. See numbers for different states to callhere.

Follow the Nigerian Health Blog to get daily updates on the different states preparedness for coronavirus. Let us defeat coronavirus together.


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