COVIDIOT is a new word coined by the Urban Dictionary to describe those who go against public health advice amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The definition reads: “Someone who ignores the warnings regarding public health or safety as regards COVID19.

While these definitions are cool, I strongly believe they are not exhaustive and the Nigerian Health Blog have decided to add a new perspective to its meaning..since the number of covidiots out there are increasing daily amidst a pandemic.

Now who is a COVIDIOT?

Below are my definitions

1. A person who hoards goods, denying them from their neighbours especially in the face of COVID19 pandemic.

2. A person who shares fake news about COVID19 with the aim of causing widespread panic is a covidiot.

3. Conspiracy theorists about coronavirus pandemic are COVIDIOTS.

4. Persons who refuse to self-isolate or resist isolation even after returning from countries badly hit by coronavirus are COVIDIOTS

5. A person whose only contribution to this coronavirus pandemic is criticism and nothing else is a covidiot.

6. The person who uses his or her social media platform to misinform the public about coronavirus is a covidiot.

Don’t be covidiotic

7. The person who feels coronavirus will conquer humanity and goes about spreading this fear is a COVIDIOT.

8. People who out of politics, religion, or ethnicity undermine the effort of the medical team fighting the threat of COVID19 are covidiots.

9. Persons who think coronavirus is a hoax (lie) and goes about propagating this theory are covidiots.

10. A person who discriminate against survivors of coronavirus is a confirmed covidiot.

12. A person who thinks his/her religion, country, social status, age-group, race, ethnic group is immune from coronavirus is a certified covidiot.

13. A person whose aim is to undermine the efforts of the government by not obey the instructions of social distancing or the stay-at-home order falls under this definition.

14. A person who fills wrong personal information at the entry points into the country (borders and airports) and a result making contact tracing difficult is a covidiot.

15. Persons exhibiting the symptoms of coronavirus infection but refuses to alert the health authorities are covidiots.

16. An infected person who deliberately wish to infect others with coronavirus falls under this category.

17. A covidiotic person will recommend unverified medications as cure for coronavirus.

18. A covidiot believes heat and the black skin offers protection against coronavirus. He/she also believe blacks cannot die of COVID19.

Please don’t be a covidiot, join the fight against coronavirus.


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