Sitting on the toilet too long can cause hemorrhoids (piles) – Medical Expert

Is it unhealthy to sit on the toilet too long?

UK based Medical doctor and social media influencer @Drolufunmilayo has warned the public to desist from sitting on the toilet for too long because it risk of them developing hemorrhoids, a disease colloquially known as piles..

Here are his tweets…….

“Do you know sitting on the toilet seat for 15minutes or more can give you hemorrhoids (piles or “jedijedi”)? Worse if you are the type who sits in toilet to press phone.

Toilet is NOT a makeup studio.

And it is NOT your family house.

Stop making conference calls.

Pass stool and Go

Sitting on the toilet too long can cause hemorrhoids
Sitting on the toilet too long can cause hemorrhoids

What we call “hemorrhoids” in medical circles is just a fancy term for some veins in and around your anus.

When you get constipated, strain to get out your poo or sit for too long on a toilet seat, these veins get engorged with blood.

Over time, these engorged veins can bleed.

And when those veins bleed, you start to notice that sometimes after you poo and you look into the toilet 🚽 bowl, you may notice some bright red blood staining the toilet or you may notice some blood staining the tissue paper you use to wipe. That’s classical of hemorrhoids.

So basically, while it may be tempting to sit in the toilet seat and just check emails, laugh at instagram jokes and retweet twitter trending gists, Please be aware that this is NOT a healthy practice for you at all. Especially if you are someone who is prone to haemorrhoids.

So how long should you sit on a toilet seat? ONLY as long as you have the urge to poo and once the poo is out – Leave the toilet. Usually this is 2minutes.

If poo doesn’t come in 2minutes, stand up and find something else to do. Except you are hiding from people you owe money.

Toilet is NOT a library – Don’t go and read.

Toilet is NOT a makeup studio – Don’t sit there adjusting eyelashes.

Toilet is NOT a spa – Don’t sit to “relax”.

And toilet is NOT a village square – Don’t sit there making conference phone calls trying to sort out all family fights.

Using phone while pooping can cause you to develop piles
Using phone while pooping can cause you to develop piles.

So many people in the reply segment tend to do a lot of thinking and meditating on the toilet seat. Alright let’s all unlearn that bad habit.

Find a new happy place in your house.

Try to create a new private place.

Somewhere as sacred as the toilet seat for you.

You can do it.

To be frank with you, the toilet is an absolutely unsafe and an unhygienic place for you.

This is being serious right now.

Don’t spend more than 2minutes there.

Stool and gerrout. You are not in Disneyland- don’t see it as a “happy place”. It is NOT.

It’s the Germs Headquarters!

Piles from long stay in toilet
Pressing phone

Anyway I agree it may be a little hard if this is a habit you have done for a long time – but you can change it.

I hope you learnt something today.

Feel free to post your questions, contributions and thoughts on this”.

Credit: Dr Olufunmilayo


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