Semen does NOT cure pimples.

Semen does NOT cure acne.

Semen does NOT remove blackheads.

Sperm does NOT cure pimples.

Semen does NOT cure whiteheads.

Sperm facial does NOT cure pimples.

Don’t let Chijioke turn your face to billboard and spray you cum like fire extinguisher.

Semen does NOT cure pimples
Sperm facial does not cure pimples
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It is a scam.

There are claims that semen contains something called spermine which is believed to give smooth skin and cure pimples.

To be frank, this claims have NO scientific basis whatsoever in any serious medical research.

It’s a myth. It’s a scam.

And no doctor ever advises such a thing.

Don’t get me wrong. There are people who are very convinced that “it works” “I know someone it works for” blah blah blah. Feel free to try it if you want.

IT IS UP TO YOU. But let’s be clear on something: There is NO medical basis for that wild claim. It is absolutely baseless.

Sometimes pimples can be difficult to deal with. And in some people it tends to go on its own after a while or as they grow older.

So such people may feel it is the cum they rubbed on it – when it may not be.

Either way, what we know as doctors is that there’s no basis for it.

What can you do about pimples? Do not wash affected areas more than twice a day.

Over washing can irritate your skin and make things worse.

Use a mild soap/cleanser and warm water when you wash.

Very hot or very cold water is not the best for pimples. Never try to “clean out”

Never “clean out” the blackheads. Never squeeze pimples. I know it’s tempting. But don’t do it. You can give yourself permanent scars. Avoid too much make up. Stay away from too much cosmetic stuff. The less the better. And if you have to use any: use only water based products.

Always totally remove makeup before going to bed. Never go to bed with makeup on.

If you also get dry skin, apply simple emollients and moisturising lotions at least 3times a day.

If you sweat a lot – try to wash after excessively sweating like after you have a serious exercise.

But pls beware:

Don’t end up overwashing your face because “I sweat a lot”.

Don’t overdo it.

Pack your hair.

Try to not let your hair fall across your face.

And also wash your hair regularly.

That habit of washing your hair only on New Yam Festival day needs to stop. It’s bad.

If your acne is quite bad, go to a good pharmacy and speak with a pharmacist.

There are simple creams (like benzoyl peroxide) that can help.

If all the above measures don’t help, see a doctor or a skincare expert.

Not those people on Instagram selling bleaching cream o. Beware.

So finally: Should Chijioke fumigate your face with cum as “cure for pimples”?

IT IS UP TO YOU- Only that know there’s NO medical basis for it.

You can do it for fun if you want – But as a “treatment” for pimples, my sister you are playing yourself.

And they will play you 2.5.

Thanks for reading

Thanks for laughing and commenting.

I hope in the middle of the jokes, you learnt something vital about pimples and what you can do/not do to treat it.

No need putting semen on your face, it will not cure that acne or remove wrinkles.

Dr Olufunmilayo


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