Steps on How to Process Your 2019/2020 MDCN Annual Licence Renewal

Steps on How to Process Your 2019/2020 MDCN Annual Licence Renewal, How to pay for MDCN annual license, MDCN annual practising licence, Remita MDCN, MDCN full registration.

MDCN Annual Licence Renewal

The following steps will be useful in your renewal:


👉 Go to
👉 Click pay FGN and State TSA (Treasury Single Account)
👉 Click Federal Government of Nigeria.
👉 Start to fill the form

*Name of MDA* = Type Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria and click it with the code in the dialogue box.

*Name of Service /Purpose* = PRACTICING FEE

*Description* = 2020 practicing licence fee

*Amount To pay* = #10,00  for doctors and dentists <10years of practice or #20,000 for 10 years and above

*GIFMIS code* = 12020414 (practicing fee code)

Input your details— Full name, Email and Phone number

Next is to key in the displayed code.

*Then proceed To Payment*

Your RRR number will be generated and you can progress to pay with your card if you desire.

You can as well print the invoice from the site or from your email and go to bank to pay.

After successful payment, you generate receipt and print or get it from your filled email.

Finally, complete the information for your profile on the MDCN page for the year’s licence renewal e.g. 2019 or 2020 and certificate.

*_NMA building levy restriction on the MDCN page has been removed.



👉 Go to MDCN website @
*login to your profile page
*click on new application
*click on pay for annual license.
*a prompt ‘add payment via RRR’ click on it.
*input your RRR number
*wait for confirmation of payment.

#This second means of payment will not be successful for those not registered on the MDCN website or not completed their profile on the website.

Make use of good internet service and exercise patience when accessing the website preferably, at night. Don’t wait till 31st December!

NB: Please remember that payment after 31st of December will attract a 100% increase and just paying the money without completing the process is not a guarantee that you have renewed your practicing licence.

 MDCN Annual Licence Renewal
MDCN Annual Licence Renewal


******Update ******


Every practitioner is expected to pay their Practising Fees on or before 31st December.

This payment is free on remita platform. There is no Building Levy requirement on remita platform. Please generate remita for the amount due (ie 20k for those up to 10 year standing, and 10k for those below 10 years standing) and pay at once at any Bank.

It is only those that go to the MDCN portal to pay that see the Building Levy requirement. The case of Building Levy is still in the Federal High Court of Nigeria and the issue of validation and insurance have now been added to the battle. Plaintiff is now asking the Court to declare that portal validation of Practicing Fees is illegal. The use of MDCN portal for Cornerstone Insurance Policy sales to doctors is now included in the modified suit.

All the medical doctors are hereby encouraged to generate remita at no cost and pay their Practising Fees in any bank on or before 31st December 2019. The issue of going to MDCN portal to upload the RRR number (called validation) shall be sorted out after the judgment of the Federal High Court.

7 thoughts on “Steps on How to Process Your 2019/2020 MDCN Annual Licence Renewal

  1. i have paid NMA building levy which was approved and added to my list of payment on MDCN portal. i also paid 2020 annual license fee via remita but was constantly directed to pay the NMA building level anytime i attempted to add my RRR annual license to my profile on MDCN portal. this is a complaint!

  2. i have uploaded my cdp 20 points and i have paid for the 2020 annual practicing license via remita on 2nd December, 2019 but anytime i try to add my RRR receipt number for the annual license, i was directed to pay for NMA building levy.

  3. I tried all I was directed to do in cyber cafe, but yet d page is still directing me to NMA building level each time I attempted to enter the RRR number. Please something should be done to rectify the problem.

  4. I paid for the renewal of my 2020 practising licence at a cyber through remita but my name was wrongly entered, as Okoro Jeremiah Okoro. Please kindly correct it for me. Thanks.

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