Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital Teaching Performs 47th Successful Kidney Transplant….

– Becomes the foremost hospital for kidney transplant in Nigeria

– Performs the highest number of renal transplant annually…

– Becomes hospital with the highest success rate for kidney transplant in Nigeria

– With a solid team of Urologists and Nephrologists, their objective is to do more..

The news of the 47th successful renal transplant was broken by Dr Dalhat, an Anasthesiologist in the Hospital, who was part of the renal team. This he shared on his Twitter timeline…..below with pictures…

Renal transplant in AKTH
Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital Surgeons

“Our 47th kidney transplant. A hypertensive with bilateral polycystic kidney disease. Had both kidneys removed followed by a kidney transplantation. Five hours of surgery and anaesthesia. Patient doing well in the ICU.” He tweeted.

Amino Kano Teaching Hospital
The renal team in the theatre
Kidney transplant in AKTH
A kidney preserved in ice

Not so long ago, precisely August this year, a Consultant Urologist, at the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Dr. Henry Njeakor, also reported a successful kidney transplant at the centre on his handle. He admonished Nigerians to patronize the hospital for similar procedure at a cheaper rate, instead of travelling to India.

So once again another successful Kidney Transplant in a Government Hospital which makes it cheaper but people will gather money on Twitter and run to India where after the expensive surgery they can’t afford the costly drugs to sustain the Transplanted Kidney.

The Nephrologists follow up the patients and detect rejection as early as possible and treat appropriately. It’s a team work.

Yes, honestly the success of the Transplants can be attributed to the seamless collaboration between the very many Professionals involved. For cases of rejection, Renal biopsies are done promptly and treatment commenced ASAP.”

“In order to protect your kidneys, do not take analgesics like Ibuprofen, Alabukun without a doctor’s prescription. Ensure a regular medical check up for Diabetes and Hypertension especially if any of your parents already have it. When you are told by a lab man that u have “infection”, see a doctor and better treated well”. He Njeakor said.

UPDATE: As at 2023, Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital has performed 60 successful renal transplant and counting.

Please be informed that there are other government owned kidney transplant centers in Nigeria but AKTH is the most consistent so far.


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