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Take not of the excess dead scalp skin and the flaking

Anyone and everyone who has issues with Dandruff? This thread is for you, let’s talk.

First thing’s first. Dandruff is either brought on by genetic inheritance or your environment. HAVING DANDRUFF HAS NO SAY ON YOUR HYGIENE! Everyone can get it. You can’t get it by contact either. I have dandruff, I’ve had it since 2015..I tried everything. Lemme share.

So dandruff is extra skin that is produced by your skin cells excessively. Old is replaced by new and new is replaced by newer skin.

This causes flaking. Some produce it in tiny specs, others in actual big flakes. Oily areas are prone to dandruff: Scalp, eyebrows, moustaches as well.

So I won’t pretend to know what exact chemicals attack dandruff but I know one thing. It’s impossible to cure dandruff. So I got a few home remedies and store bought products that I’ve tried over the years that helped. Let’s dive in.

First thing is to keep your scalp moisturized. Dryness is the first cause of flaking. The winter months cause the most damage. You’ll need a heavy butter or a hairfood brand with an extract that you can add or has been already added to combat flaking.


Butters can be shea, cocoa, mango and or avocado butter. Extracts known to combat dandruff include tea tree, peppermint and rooibos. Only listed those that I’ve used, there are more though.

Now for washing. I was my hair everyday to reduce flaking. I tried washing every two days but the itching broke me. Shampoos that I’ve bought that can help are Head & Shoulders. Expensive but it works. I also used Gill,cheap but is a waste of money. Clear is amazing as well.

Make sure to buy shampoos that have “Dandruff shampoo” written all over. The directions always say to use regularly for best results, follow this or you’ll be wasting your money. You can add the listed extracts to your shampoos and conditioners for a stronger effect.

Dandruff shampoos are expensive so I’ve come up with home made shampoos that work.

First is Apple Cider Vinegar. Make sure to buy the unrefined one. With the “mother”. Brags is in Dischem, expensive so you can buy Natures Choice..also in Dischem for almost half the price of Braggs

You mix one to three of ACV to water. Spritz on scalp. Leave on for five minutes and wash thoroughly with water. My issue with this method was the strong smell of ACV so I moved on to another option.

Coconut milk with tea tea oil drops. Coconut oil would moisturize and tea tree oil would keep your scalp pH balanced. Coconut oil is sold in cans and is available in PnP. Tea tree oil can be bought in any pharmacy.

The third which I use now, dangerous but the cheapest is using Baking Soda. Baking soda loosens your curl pattern (mine is super tight so idc really) , it’s an acid so if used excessively,it can burn your scalp. Literal burns. A sachet of Baking soda aka Bicarbonate of soda. priced at $2. Yes. That cheap. You add a bit of it to water. I’d say..a pinch to 400ml of water. Shake till dissolved and spritz on scalp. And rinse after 5 minutes. It works perfectly and it even strips off hair products. It’s that good. If you don’t see results.
Add another pinch. Eembeke oil can also be used as a scalp moisturizer after you’ve put your scalp through it. Now..those with braids in or natural hairstyles, I’ve got a tip for you. Ribbons and a spray bottle are your best friend in this case.
Tie your hair in sections, these products don’t need to do on your hair but on your scalp. Spray onto scalp and when rinsing, pull on braids so water only runs on your scalp. I’ve done this, it works. And always moisturize afterwards. Never let your scalp go dry.
Petroleum jelly is also a good moisturizer but not engine oil. That’s it. I hope these help.
NB: Dandruffs is known medically as seborrheic dermatitis.
Credit: Cocoa Butter


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