Scientifically, What Age is Best for a Man to Father a Child? – Dr Olufunmilayo

These are recurrent questions on the lips of many men. At least, i have been asked 4 of these.

1. Can a 70 year old man get a woman pregnant?

2. When are men most fertile?

3. Can a 90 year old man get a woman pregnant

4. Can a 64 year old man get a woman pregnant

5. Can a 60 year old man get a woman pregnant

6. Risks of having a baby with an older man/father

7. How old can a man be and still be fertile

8. Having a baby with a 55 year old man

9. how old can a man be and still be fertile

10. When does the male body stop producing sperm?

11. The male fertility clock

Well my answers to these queries were inadequate and at best, deficient but Dr Olufunmilayo, a Nigerian doctor practicing medicine in the UK took out time to explain this in details.. He backed up his explanation with scientific researches

Read him….

Men have a biological clock too

Men have a biological clock too

Men have a biological clock too

So, scientifically speaking, what age is best for a man to father a child?

Recent research now says men over 35-45years may have greater difficulty to father children. So it’s not just women. It is good to hustle. But please father a child early. In other words, start a family early.

Laura Dodge, who led the research at the Harvard Medical School in Boston, said that people should start considering the age of men when planning a family. It matters. This is no jokes. The science seems to show the older the man, the greater the difficulty getting a woman pregnant.

Age and fertility issues im males
The older the man, the harder it becomes to impregnate a woman, research shows

The study found if a man married someone of about same age, it didn’t really negatively affect their chances at having kids. However, when an older lady of 35years and above, went with a younger man, in his 20s, chances of a baby went from 54% to 70%. So age of a man matters.

We always knew from science that the fertility of a woman is highest when she’s in her 20s, particularly around 25; it peaks at 30; and starts to decline from 35. What we never knew was that for men as well, from around age 35-45, there’s a similar decline in fertility for men.

It may be good to state this research comes barely a year after scientists in the University of Copenhagen found that children born to older fathers were at a higher risk of autism. This was published in August 2016 in one of the Oxford University Publications. No be play o.

What Age is Best for a Man to Father a Child
Research has shown that older men gives birth autistic children

The 40-year review of previously published medical work which was done by some researchers at the Women’s Health Institute at Rutgers University found that men over the age of 45 found it much more difficult to get women pregnant. EVEN IF the woman was much younger.

Men over 45 also increase their partner’s risk for pregnancy-related complications such as:


pregnancy related diabetes,

premature birth,

underweight children,

with congenital heart disease or a cleft palate,

childhood cancers,

psychiatric and learning problems.

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Anyway I will stop here. I hope you have learnt one or two things this morning. If you are a man, do quick and marry. If you are a woman, don’t assume that men have no biological clocks and it doesn’t matter. It does matter.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Olufunmilayo

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