Is henna dye or henna tattooing safe? The dangers or side effects of henna dye tattooing, black henna tattoo dangers.

Nigerian medical doctor, health educator and social media influencer, Aproko Doctor, has taken to his Twitter timeline to warn people of the dangers or side effects of henna dyes saying it can cause allergic reactions, burns, permanent scarring, and bodily disfigurement. This he explained with pictures and pictorial evidence.

Read his tweets….

This lady is scarred for LIFE because of the wrong Henna dye Black Henna can SCAR you for LIFE Be careful where you get your own Henna is used to draw temporary tattoos BUT Some people add para-phenylenediamine (PPD) to make it last longer and give it the black color.

Henna dyes
Henna tattoos

Natural henna will give a brownish-orange color to the skin when applied (red henna), but the colour usually darkens to brown eventually The longer henna is in contact with your skin, the darker the color will be, other things can be added to give different shades like lemon oil.

Henna tattoos
A scarred hand with henna tattoos

Pure Henna in itself will cause weak allergic reactions in a small number of people. But when you add PPD, PPD is so powerful and toxic that it is illegal to use it on the skin. PPD is used in hair dyes also. But when you add it directly to the skin, it can cause burns.

Allergic reactions from henna

Not everybody will have this reaction to black henna, but if you do, it can be really painful! The reactions can start as soon as 2 days but the effects are lasting for life. Some may not have this reaction at all. But that’s not where it stops.

You run the risk of getting sensitized to the black Henna, what does it mean? It means that if you ever get exposed again, you may develop a life threatening reaction to it. There is the case of a woman who died from a reaction to hair dye she had used before.

Henna burns
Burns from henna tattooing

What do you do? Natural Henna is never black If it’s black, please avoid. If you have ever had a reaction to black Henna, no matter how little, avoid using hair dyes that contain p-Phenylenediamine or Toluene-2,5-diamine. If you have a reaction, see a doctor immediately.


I did the red henna and the black. I felt a serious burn from the black and it took over 2 weeks to wash off meanwhile the red was ok. Thanks for the info doc.
Now that people have seen the pictorial representation of the dangers associated with using Henna dye, they will listen to this. If the pictures did not appear people might likely argue on this…..Me sef I’m scared watching the pictures
Ozioma Okocha@OzyOmaa
I am so afraid. I am addicted to henna and was about putting this weekend. I guess its time to steer clear. Thank you for the information.
This happened to me in piako camp (nysc), after camp a corper Dr prescribed some drugs for me which stopped the swelling and itching… Now my hand is okay but you can still see the marks of the henna.
I was a victim of this henna tattoo at NYSC Zamfara camp. My hand was swollen just like this. Henna tattoo of #200, I spent over #2000 on drugs and cream to treat it. That was my first and last time! I was scared I was going to be scared for life, but thankfully the drugs worked.
Ugwu Martha Oche@Embraze44
Perfect Imperfections@meejee94
I reacted to henna the very first I did it. Had a little rash on my hand. But later it stopped. But since then I haven’t had it and seeing this scares me already.
Oh my goodness. The first time I did henna, it was black and I had a small reaction to it. Now I’m never doing black henna… Never !!!


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