Can you have sex during menstrual period?

In a controversial tweet, a medical doctor @DrEmto has advised ladies not to starve their partners of sex during their menstrual periods. He went ahead to explain how to go about it to achieve maximum benefits. He also said it is better done with protection.

His tweets drew different reactions from the social media, while some gave him props, others said it was disgustinga knowledge better kept to himself and not shared. To some, his comments were sexist and male gratifying.

Read his tweets below….

“Try not to starve your partner of sex during your Mentrual period as a woman.

There are advantages of having sex during your period.

Although it can get messy anyways, but then it can reduce the duration of the period, relief cramps to an extent, and you should use a CD!

Sex during menstrual period
Doctor encourages sex during menstrual period.

Hey guys! Before your rage wears a dirty pant, please know that it’s optional… Some people do it anyways!

So this is how to have safe sex during your periods! You don’t want to stain the sheets with blood because it can get messy. So try having sex in the shower 🚿

I’d advice this than to missionary position or laying on the side which are also good but please have an extra sheet.
An extra sheet that will help prevent the main bedsheets from getting stained. LADIES should also learn to use a mentrual cup – yeah it helps. And the gents involved have to wear condoms because trust me, the risk for STI is there and emmm you don’t want to get her pregnant.
Prevent infection and pregnancy and try as much as you can to keep it tidy, hence the shower is a good place under running water… You know I don’t know anything right? So please don’t take this personal. It’s all about facts in science.
Some ladies get extra horny during their period actually.
Some actually have sex during their periods… It makes them feel better.
So many persons have been asking if sex was safe during menstrual period and I have finally answered it” he said.
What did I just read? The person having the cramps sef might be finding it difficult to even stand talk less of all that mess. Abeg it will not kill the man to go without sex for 5days mbok.
Babariq Of Africa #BOA@Babariq_
Replying to@DoctorEmto

This one is a native doctor looking for whose destiny he wants to put inside blood bank in the eye of the carton

Kj’s Shakara UniSex Saloon@Shakarasalon
Watch feminist come after you, your head and your medical licence. You just opened Pandora’s box fam
Lois Truly@loistruly
Okay, before we get angry or grossed out, Ladies let’s admit it; some of us get horny AF on our periods.
Analyst @chiwetaluchest1
Replying to@DoctorEmto
Who cares? Nature made it that way. We all need a break. 4 days is not long. We will start after that. Life is not about sex. There is more to a woman than sex. It is when she is mensurating that you will see that. For the blood sex, that is nil for me and many men
NB: the shower water will reduce/wash away the lubricant in the CD plus the heat generated and water contact on the condom during the sex under shower will tear the CD though “I will not” recommend this option.
How about calm down till her period is over???? Shey you will die na.
Brother Black X@Lacute3d
Biko you and your you can do, while me and my me we would wait when the cycle finish me and her would now do one nigeira. Enugo
Vera Chidimma@Spiffy_Vera
Lmao can you imagine, during period that I’m always feeling cranky, in so much pains, vomiting and runny stomach I should be having sex because I have man
Emeka D. Tochukwu@emeka_tochukwu
Doc, some women with irregular cycle experience ovulation almost simultaneously with menstruation. This means for them to get pregnant through sex, the act needs to take place at about that period. Am I right?
Jay, The Lagos Tailor@janetnoye23
Replying to@DoctorEmto
I’m not understanding oooo. So I don’t have a right or choice to my body whether I’m on my period or not??? So if I’m not in the mood to have sex with my partner even when I’m on my period and I tell him NO, that’s me starving him MY OWN BODY. It’s really a crime being a woman.

“Try not to starve your partner”… anu mpama. Did you ask if the woman wants sex during her period?, no? All you think about is yourself. And who the hell told you that sex on your period shortens the period. “It’s all science”


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