Dear Nigerians, flagyl and tetracycline are not first aid for diarrhea

Medical doctor and social media influencer @aproko doctor took to his Twitter handle to beg Nigerians to desist from using flagyl (metronidazole) and tetracycline (red and yellow capsule) as first aid for the treatment of diarrhoea citing antibiotics abuse and resistance as reasons.

Read his tweets and the responses that followed below…….

Dear Nigerians, flagyl and tetracycline are not first aid for diarrhea

You are causing more problems for yourself and people around you by abusing antibiotics.

Most cases of diarrhea will resolve on its own, except otherwise, what you need is something to stop the diarrhea and take lots of water or Oral rehydration salts ORS for short

Abusing antibiotics may lead to antibiotic resistance where the bacteria now defeats the antibiotics

If you must stop diarrhea, ask your pharmacist for antidiarrheal medication to stop it, what this drug will do is to slow down the rate at which your intestine empties, and in the process, lessen the diarrhea Going for antibiotics first will only harm you in the long run.
flagyl and tetracycline are not first aid for diarrhea
flagyl and tetracycline are not first aid for diarrhea
If you however see blood while having diarrhea, then you should see your doctor immediately YOU need to stop this habit of randomly taking antibiotics when you do not feel well
Recently, there has been cases of gonorrhea resistant to major antibiotics
ONLY TAKE ANTIBIOTICS when it has been prescribed by a doctor. There are even cases that antibiotics cause diarrhea, will you take another antibiotic for that?
Please let us prevent major catastrophes by minimizing our use of antibiotics
Slow down Aproko Doc.. In case of diarrhoea, we either take Flagyl or Tetracycline BUT never both as first aid treatment… Either way doc, you have only been able to tell us the PROBLEM but failed to give us a REMEDY (advice).
Replying to@aproko_doctor
Doc, with alllll due respect,I agree with u 101% but,tetracycline has saved me from the wicked hands of diarrhea till date, pls leave am, u don see poo wey dey run like tap that as soon as I pop o e tetracycline pill the whole thing seizes
John Alade@sir_johnalade
Replying to@aproko_doctor
Loperamide is the first line for non complicated diarrhea.. Stop abusing antibiotics
Sis Ify@Ifystic
Say it loud doc. Gwa ha! Any small kpururu of the stomach they carry red and yellow capsule.

Replying to@aproko_doctor

Thanks Doc, But when a person goes to toilet almost immediately after every meal? Is this also diarrhea or something else? Or how bad is it?

Replying to@aproko_doctor

andrew liver salt nko?
Garri or soda water works for me all the time. Used to take tetracycline in those days but at a point it started stopping my bowel movements for days. Soda water all the way. Sans cream soda works for me too.
Doctor, please differentiate between diarrhea and dysentry.
Replying to@aproko_doctor
How sir? But it seems to work almost 100% of the time and we haven’t died.
Eating about 2 slices of bread without out water stops it as well.
ChunLi of Lagos @Dazzlergold1


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