Bleeding is NOT evidence of virginity

Bleeding mainly depends on type of hymen, force of sex and wetness of the female vagina.

Bleeding is NOT evidence of virginity.

It may just mean rough sex on a “dry” woman.

It’s ignorant, unfair and judgmental to assume bleeding is equal to virginity.

Do you want to drink the blood?

On a more serious note, some women will bleed after the first sex.

Some will not.


It is NOT the blood that makes a woman a virgin. It is the first sexual experience- if it has happened or not.

Besides why is there an obsession over female virginity?

The bleeding as I said earlier is a result of many factors- including tearing of hymen (which may NOT happen in all women having sex the first time), dryness of the vagina or roughness of the sex.

Some of these factors can make a woman bleed.

And may NOT mean it’s her first sex.

For some women, the first sex experience comes with pain and bleeding.

For some, pain but no bleeding.

For a few minority, no pain no bleeding.

ALL of the above are perfectly normal.

The fact is there are other things that tear a woman’s hymen and she may not even know at all.

Women who do horse riding, vigorous sports, or those who use tampons for instance may have shown torn the hymen over time and they will not know it.

They may not bleed at all when having sex the first time.

Bleeding is NOT evidence of virginity
Bleeding is NOT evidence of virginity. End virginity testing Credit: India

And that doesn’t mean they are liars. Or non virgins. Pls let’s note.

Policing a woman’s hymen by having it regularly checked (like some parents do) or expecting to see blood at the first sex is very judgmental, demoralising and unfortunate.

We must be aware that medically, there are many reasons a woman may or may not bleed during her first sex.

Let’s use the same energy spent telling women to be virgins to tell young men to be virgins as well.

And let’s teach our children and young people everywhere that Virginity is expected of both men and women- not just women- IF indeed we put premium on virginity as a society.



Also hymen can break with use of tampons, riding a bicycle or horseback riding.Educate yourself more before asking silly questions.
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The Olusheyi@Oshey_O
…..”Besides, why is there an obsession over female virginity”!!!!!!
That last line… LOL
Some people even bleed after the 3 or 4 time … Thank God for the internet, there is less ignorance.
Information isn’t hard to find these days … go to Google (PubMed)
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Yours sincerely,
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