Nigerians express their opinion on the need for genotype test before marriage. Is knowing your partner’s genotype compulsory before marriage?

Read their comments below…..

Faith from Edo: “genotype test is important before marriage so that you will not make the wrong choice and so that my children will not suffer. If i am AS and I marry a man that is also AS, then there will be a problem later in our marriage. I advise AS ladies to marry a man that is AA”.

Ene from Benue: “first of all, love is not enough in a relationship. You must know other things about your partner. Genotype is very important if not for you, for the sake of your unborn children . I have a sister who is a sickler and she goes through a lot of pains and suffering almost every other week. I wish my parents knew their genotypes before marriage. Looks and height in a man is okay but also know his genotype. This will save you heartache in future”.

Ruth from Edo: “genotype test is very necessary. It is something that must be taken into consideration when you are planning to settle down so that you dont create problems for your future generations. For instance, an AS woman marrying might end up having a SS child. Ladies be wise”.

Patrick from Plateau: “It is not rocket science but a simple calculation. If you think genotype it doesn’t and you think everything is by the grace of God, then you really need to know God’s plan for you. I know of somebody that was AS and married an AS woman citing faith and love. Today all their 4 children were SS(sicklers) and they are all dead. We should be careful and not test God”.

Ilesanmi from Ekiti: “to me, in the olden days there was nothing like genotype. Our fore parents don’t believe in genotype and blood group. They got married and had their kids with no problem . Technology and our diet have destroyed our body system and genotype is now the main thing before marriage. I don’t believe in genotype and i will not do it before marriage and I will have cool kinds with no sickle cell wahala”.

Glory from Delta: “genotype test before marriage is mandatory and a must. This will save the child from crisis in future and the parents unnecessary worry and suffering. To the ladies, before he puts a ring on it, know his genotype”.

Kareema Dauda from Bornu: “genotype is very very important before marriage in order to avoid having sickle cell babies”.

Deborah from Kwara: “you must be aware of your partner’s genotype before marriage to avoid stories that will later touch the heart. It is important to save the life of our children from sickle cell anemia”.

Nwhesire from Taraba:”it is very important before marriage so that you won’t end up giving birth to sicklers. It is important to run tests before marriage. Training sicklers is very expensive”.

Suliat from Kwara: “it is necessary, you can’t imagine someone that is AS marry someone that is AS. They will end up have children that is SS and that will be the beginning of their problems”.

Mike from Benue: “In the modern day, it is paramount because if you look at the things that happened in the olden days, it was quiet different from now. Reason is some children born that time were not mentally fit, some were dwarfs and were sicklers because of their unknown genotypes. To check your genotype before marriage is important in our era now”.

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