The use of condom (raincoat, bulletproof, rubber) has become increasingly popular among Nigerian youths. I decided to take a stroll through Nasarawa NYSC camp to sample the opinion of corp members on the brand names, prices and proper use of condom.

Read their comments below:

Stanley from Delta: “I do not use condom but i know about many brands which are Fiesta, Trojan, Kiss, Gold Cycle, Ruff Ryder, Bed time, and many more.They come in different colours and sizes. A lot of medical personnels have warned that raincoat do not really protect against pregnancy and STIs and abstinence is the best. I don’t know their prices. I do not use condom because i am faithful to my girlfriend”.

Tijani from Osun: “different brands of condom exist: Durex, Gold Cycle, Kiss. Durex is very expensive. It is #200 naira for a packet which contains 3 pieces. Gold cycle and Kiss are sold for #100 naira per packet. Condoms are sold in Pharmacies, supermarkets and in provision shops. Proper condom use prevents pregnancy though sometimes it can tear”.
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Kingsley from Akwa Ibom: ” condom is basically used for sex. They price depends on the brand and quality. I don’t know too many brands but i know Gold Cycle, Kiss, Ruff Ryder,Trojan,Durex. Where I am from, Kiss is #100 per pack, Ruff Rhyder is #200 per pack, Durex is #500 naira and Gold Cycle is i don’t know #50 per packet or free? If used properly, condom prevents pregnancy and STI to an extent”.

Busola from Lagos: “well i don’t know much about the price but i know when i was in school it was given to us for free. I dont like the smell of Gold Cycle but I discovered durex is very popular and it smells nice. Rubber use prevents infection and pregnancy but not 100%”.

Olaolu from Oyo: ” safe sex is very important especially in this age of many STIs. Gold cycle is the most popular but it is not durable.Though it is cheap and highly subsidized. Fiesta is around #300 naira. It has different flavours like strawberry and chocolate. Durex is a “high ranged” raincoat that comes in differents colours and flavours(chocolate and strawberry). It is durable and costs about #1,000 naira per pack. Durex can a ribbed, thinned and with other textures. The sensitivity is very good”.

Nyanah from Akwa Ibom: “condom is used for prevention of diseases especially STIs and unwanted pregnancies. Brand names of condoms include: durex, gold cycle(cheap rubber for small boys, not durable), kiss, and ruff ryder. The cost: gold cycle is #100, kiss is #300 per packet, a good durex is #1,000 per packet. Condoms can be gotten from supermarkets, pharmacies and health centres”.

Nino Tega from Delta:” i am not a fan of condom as sex is not sweet with raincoat and it does not protect against infections or unwanted pregnancy. All the same we are advised to practice safe sex with condom use. But condoms are not reliable as they easily break during sex. I have used to brands which are Kiss and Durex. I don’t know their prices”.

Dr Ebuka from Imo: “condom is one of the tools we use for safe sex. Abstinence is the best but condom is your best bet if you want to have sex at all. Condom use is one of the methods of family planning to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Proper condom use for married couples helps in child spacing and keeps you financially afloat granting you affordability of the good things of life. Yes, many persons have complained that sex with raincoat is not “sweet” but they should understand that condom making technology is being improved upon. We now have ribbed and thinner condoms for example durex that have good sensitivity and still prevents STDs and pregnancy. So I will advise you seek other options if you feel you deserve a better deal from condom use”.

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