Meet Dr Marietta Osetohanmhen Imadojiemu. She won the prestigious Ashanti Graham Health and Education Initiative Foundation (AGHIEF) prize for emerging the overall  best in surgery,uniben from the newly sworn in medical doctors of 2017 class during the oath taking ceremony of the University of Benin, Edo state, Nigeria.

‘Oseto’ as she is fondly called by  friends and well-wishers also had a distinction in  Mental Health. She is from Ohordua, Esan South-East of Edo state, Nigeria. A very hardworking lady, she represented  Nigeria in the 2016 president Obama sponsored Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) in Ghana.

Dr imadojiemu, the overall best in surgery,uniben is involved  in numerous voluntary works and community services as a way of giving back to the public notable among which is her campaign against depression and other mental illnesses.She is a champion of gender equity and holistic education.

She hopes to specialise in Cardiology  and/or Public Health in future. We wish all the very best in her future endeavours. She has interests in public speaking and becoming an entrepreneur.

In her words: “I believe that; increased ‘out of pocket’ expenditure on health care services by individuals is not just a cause of but an aggravating factor for poverty. It evens goes further to bring back into poverty those who broke out of it in time past…….”

Winning the overall best in surgery,uniben; she cant stop smiling……..

community service
giving back
doctor and teacher
community service
Oseto at YALI
she cant stop smiling
oseto, her parents,  NMA chairman and members


Oseto with her awards
vote of thanks
oseto with fellow doctors


The Ashanti Graham Health Initiative Education Foundation is  a charity organization  based in the UK  run by Dr Douglas Okor and team.It is aimed at improving medical and surgical training and practices of Neurosurgery in Nigeria. As a way of motivating medical students across Nigeria, they dole out prize money and laptops to the best in Surgery yearly.


  1. Am not surprised at all…her gentleness speaks high volume of her
    You have just begun, many many more graces to come. No wonder she doesn’t joke with singing praises to God at mass.

  2. WOw !! she just make the Ohordua people proud ,I am from that town ….. more grace , greater height i pray thee .


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