meaning of bmi and how to calculate it.

meaning of bmi

Bmi simply means body mass index. Knowing the meaning of bmi and how to calculate your body mass index has now become a must for individuals globally. Knowing your BMI is key to curbing the menace of obesity.

Obesity is  a  global epidemic with potentially disastrous consequences for human health. About one-quarter of adults and children in the world population are obese or are at risk of becoming one. How do we curb this nutritional disorder and its attendant health risks? You have passed first step is by knowing the meaning of bmi. The second step is knowing how to calculate it.

how to calculate bmi

The BMI makes use of the simple knowledge of your height and weight.  It is a do-it-self method and can be done comfortably at home. It tells you if you are overweight/obese or have a high chance of becoming one in future.

The formulae to use in calculating and knowing your BMI is as below;


BMI    =      your weight in kilograms


(your height in metres)²


For example, my weight is 70kg and my height is 187cm. What is my BMI?



Weight = 70kg


Height = 187cm converting to metres by dividing 187cm by 100 will give 1.87m

Therefore, body mass index, BMI = 70 / (1.87)² which is equal to


                                                                    20kg/m². This is my BMI.


Interpretation and clinical implication of answers or results.


For values

< 18.5    ———————— underweight

18.5- 24.9 ———————— normal BMI


25-29.9    ———————— overweight


30 and above ———————obese


From the interpretation of values, my BMI of 20kg/m² is normal as it falls between 18.5-24.5kg/m² range of the normal BMI.


With the simple and well-illustrated calculation and interpretation above, you can know your Body Mass Index and monitor your weight regularly. Know that being overweight is a signal of becoming obese in no distant time if measures are not taken to check your weight gain.

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