African herbs for easy delivery.

It is no longer news that Africans believe there are certain herbs pregnant women can talk close to term that will enable them give birth with ease. They also believe that there are some herbs that requires a woman chances of having a cesarean section ….

In this article I am going to talk about these herbs and give my verdicts whether it helps in labour or not.

African herbs for easy delivery

1. Ewedu (jute leaf)

Hydraulic as it is colloquially called because of its slippery nature, women drink ewedu leaf juice raw close to delivery to ease labour and labour pains….Some African women especially yoruba women from Nigeria eat ewedu as soups to make them have easy labour. It is believed that the ewedu serves as an hydraulic to naturally lubricate the birth canal for easy passage of the baby.

It is also believed that ewedu will soften the cervix and encourage cervical dilation faster for easy labour. Drinking ewedu in pregnancy is believed to help shorten labour time in some quarters..

Verdict: Ewedu water does not ease labour or prevent c section as widely and wrongly claimed by some sections of the society….There are lots of women out there who took jute leaf for easy delivery and ended up having Cs delivery….don’t get it twisted and stop banking on what does not work.

African herbs for easy delivery
African herbs for easy delivery…

2. Okra water

Gradually becoming more popular easing labour than ewedu…slimy okra water has recently been popularized as the wonder herb for easy delivery by Africans in the social media. The okra is sliced and soaked in water for some hours to help it ferment.

Pregnant women close to delivery are encouraged to take okra water morning and evening to ease labour, ensure smooth vaginal delivery and prevent delivery via cesarean section.

Okra water is believed to help control uterine contraction during labour making sure it is less painful. Others opine that drinking okra water soften the cervix and quicken cervical dilation fast to 10cm for the woman to push and deliver with less pains and hassles.

Does it work? Okra water doesn’t help ease labour. About 50 women I have personally interviewed confirmed that they took okra water close to 37 weeks and their labour was still tedious and stressful…out 20 of them had CS delivery. Okra water failed them when it matter most….

You have any other herbs in mind? Please Share.

Drop your questions and comments. Thank you.


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