Can I pee after inserting boric acid?

A message:

Good morning doctor. I am Alakija Funke a Nigerian based in the USA. I am a bit confused here. I took this vaginal insert called boric acid. I want to know if I can still pee after inserting the boric acid pessary. Won’t I pee it away?. And if I pee the boric acid away, it won’t work right.

Can I pee after inserting boric acid?
Can I pee after inserting boric acid? Yes

My second question is, does inserting boric acid really help in removing odour and infection? I decided to try it because my friends told me to because it worked for them. Please help me out here.

My reply:

The vaginal canal is where the boric acid is inserted not the urethra. So inserting boric acid, suppository, or pessary will not stop you from urinating. They are totally different pathways. So, you can go ahead to pee when you have an boric insert on. No side effects whatsoever . The fear that it will wash of your pessary and make it ineffective is not true.

The other question: boric acid is not the solution to your odour or discharge. If you have itching, odour or discharge from below, see a doctor to get treated.



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