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USMLE Vs PLAB Pathway: Which is more expensive?

USMLE Vs PLAB Pathway: Which is more expensive?

PLAB vs USMLE (Cost-wise).

British Pathway: PLAB

OET £329/IELTS £205
PLAB 1 £255.
PLAB 2 £934.

GMC registration if 5yrs qualified £433.

Total: £1560-£1950

If you’ve qualified as a doctor for more than 5 years, but your annual gross income is less than the income threshold currently set at £34,000, you’ll be eligible for 50% discount during GMC registration.

Is USMLE more expensive PLAB

American Pathway: USMLE

OET £329/IELTS £205
ECFMG Certificate $160
USMLE STEP 1. $985
USMLE STEP 3. $895
Match Application. $925

Total: $3900 -$4245

Some variations in the American pathway may apply.

Accommodation/Flight/Feeding/course fees not included.

A trainee Dr in the U.K. earns between £40k to £60k p.a working 40-48hrs/week . This is without Locum jobs yet.
GPs and Consultants earn between £80k to £120k p.a depending on if you work full time or not.

The money you spend doing these exams even though expensive, is totally worth it.

The truth is that PLAB pathway is cheaper than the USMLE pathway.

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