What do patients want from their doctors?

What patients like in their doctors?

1. Smile: Many patients tell me that they feel at ease when they see a smile on the doctor’s face,

2. A doctor who listens: It is surprising to note that most patients tell me that the doctor who they earlier consulted did not properly listen to them, and straightaway prescribed investigations or medicines. This is a sure way to put them off,

3. A doctor who explains: the diagnosis, the possible causes of illness, and the future prognosis.

4. A doctor who breaks the negative news: with empathy and gives them ample time to understand & accept the situation,

5. A doctor who gives multiple treatment options: and helps the patient choose the best one suited to him/her, rather than imposing one specific treatment,

6. A doctor who considers the cost: of investigations and treatment, and tries to optimise the expenses for the best possible outcome,

7. A doctor who values their time: and sees them on time. If there is an unexpected delay/sudden leave from the doctor’s side, then the doctor’s office should send prior information to the patient,

8. A doctor who refers: to someone who can do a better job than them. In today’s world, it is not possible for one doctor have all the skills pertaining to his speciality. For example, a general neurologist may not be the best to treat medically-refractory epilepsy. It is better to refer the patient to a qualified epileptologist,

9. Patients like doctors who prescribe fewer investigations and lesser number of medicines,

10. Patients like doctors whose prescription includes lifestyle measures such as diet and exercise.

11. A doctor that replies their messages

12. A doctor that tells them the ugly truth about their diagnosis, line of care and prognosis.

13. A doctor that doesn’t dismiss their concerns or challenges.

14. A doctor that does not keep them waiting

15. A competent doctor that knows his/her onions

16. A doctor that charges less for surgeries, procedures and consultation.

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