How to eat flax seeds raw or roasted?

❗️❗️I have said it, when it comes to health matters, make sure you’re well grounded and informed before you jump on any viral DIY recipes promising health benefits. Many of us are causing more health problems due to lack of proper information.

❤️👇THIS is FLAX SEED….the ogbonge of them all seeds in terms of Nutritional Value. So loaded its called SUPERSEED. All its health benefits will be discussed in clear terms next time but I added some in this same article.

❗️❗️Please make sure you’re not CONSUMING THIS SEED WHOLE. It has to be BLENDED or CRUSHED before it can be DIGESTED. That’s how complex the chains in there are. Many people have got their digestive system bruised and inflammed due to this type of mistakes. I have said it that something is natural doesn’t mean it won’t destroy you if you don’t know how to actually harness their benefits.

How to eat flax seeds raw or roasted?
How to eat flax seeds raw or roasted? Roasted.


Does roasting flax seeds destroy nutrients?

No. Roasting of flaxseed brings out or open up the nutrients and not destroy it as some claim. Roast your flax seed before eating. Don’t eat them raw.

❗️The Fiber in there can’t be digested so it can bypass digestion.

❤️The Quality FAT omega 3 fatty acid in there can be easily gotten when it’s grounded.

Now let us talk about the amazing health benefits of flax seeds and why it is good for your gut health and general well being if taken with according to instructions.


Flax Seeds are the new wonder food, also considered as one of the most powerful plants in the planet.

Flax Seeds contain 800 times more Lignans than any other food plant.

Flax Seeds are one of the best vegetarian sources of Omega-3, which is found in Salmon Omega-3. 50 gms of Flax Seeds is equivalent to that found in 3-ounce of Salmon serving.

It also contains Omega-9 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids.

Enriched with these essential fatty acids also known as ‘good fat’, Lignans and a healthy dose of fiber, Flax Seeds were the first superfood that was produced and consumed for its benefits.

Flax Seeds can be used in baking as a substitute for wheat and other cereals that are not gluten free.

Medically speaking, it has a host of uses.

It also helps with uncomfortable symptoms of menopause, and promotes lowering of cholesterol and reducing weight.

Make it your health staple to enjoy a healthy life.


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