Can white quinine damage womb?

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A woman wants to know if quinine has any effect on the womb….

Good evening my doctor, please I had unprotected sex few days ago, and I took white quinine to flush out the sperm… today I read somewhere on Facebook, that quinine can damage the womb…how true is this? I don’t want my womb to be damaged please…I dont have a child yet…

Can white quinine damage womb?
Effect of quinine on the womb

My reply;

Though quinine is rumoured to cause some form of uterine contractions, it is not strong enough to cause rupture or damage of the womb. So it is safe to say quinine does not have any negative effort on the womb.

Meanwhile, why are you using white quinine as emergency contraceptive pills when there are more proven contraceptive pills like postinor or postpill out there? Quinine is not a reliable contraceptive, it will fail you.

Now, taking large doses of white quinine can cause massive uterine contractions that can rupture and damage your womb. Be very careful.

If you are sexually active and you want a more reliable and longer contraceptive, while not just walk to the hospital and talk to your doctor. Your doctor may recommend IUCD, depoprovera, combined oral contraceptive pills, jadielle etc

Get it?

Thank you.


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