Ewe Eje – The natural blood tonic – how to use

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So, I shall be sharing with us a natural blood tonic that is very good for someone with anemia or low blood level.

I know many people might have came across this before but ma sharing for those who might not.

So to boost your blood level up you just need this leaf below 👇 I know it as EWE EJE (blood of Jesus leaf) in yoruba language. Wash it very well and put in a clean pot. Put some quantity of water that will be enough to boil the leaf till it turned deep red like blood as you see in the pot below 👇 turn off the fire put some in a cup and leaf to cool before drinking.

Ewe Eje - The natural blood tonic - how to use
Blood of Jesus leaf gives blood

You can use the size of cup of tea cup to take the herb you can also add milk if you like.


Ewe eje is very rich in iron, the main component of hemoglobin, the building block of red blood cell. So iron will stimulate the bone marrow to produce more red cells….This is why ewe Eje is the perfect herb for anemic patients.

Stay healthy

Maryam Bushra Opeyo


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