Can an auxiliary nurse become a registered nurse?

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An #auxiliary nurse so called in Nigeria or a nurse assistant as called in the United Kingdom is a low cadre health assistant that helps in basic nursing care of patients. Of note here is that, #auxiliary nurses do not have any medical qualifications but they do a lot in helping the sick patients.

Can an auxiliary nurse become a registered nurse?
An auxiliary nurse

In the UK for example, all you need to become an auxiliary nurse is some form of basic education involving GCSE with paid or voluntary training in a hospital for at least 6 months.

After training, an auxiliary nurse is expected to know how to take vital signs, make patient beds, administer oral medications (some auxiliary nurses can administer parenteral medications), clean up patients, take patients for routine tests etc.

Where can #auxiliary nurses work? Which Countries?

#Auxiliary nurses can work in hospitals and old people’s home in countries like Canada, United States, UK, Australia, Nigeria, etc. Auxiliary nurses are even employed in the United Kingdom’s NHS.

Now to the main question of this article….

Can an #auxiliary nurse become a registered nurse?

The difference between an #auxiliary nurse and a #registered #nurse is clear enough for all to see…a registered or trained nurse is medically certified and have the required paperwork….the #auxiliary nurse is not medically certified …she or he works under the supervision of the registered nurse.

Now, an auxiliary nurse can not overnight become a registered nurse no matter your level of experience or how long you have been working as one, it is a process that involves paper work. You have to be formally trained by an accredited nursing school, or University that offers training courses in nursing science…

This is the only way you can become a registered nurse by law in all countries of the world, go to nursing school if as an auxiliary #nurse, you want to become a registered nurse.

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