What sex position determine sex of a baby? Best sex position for baby girl or baby boy.

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Almost everyone at one point in time have had preference on the gender of their dream child or children.

What sex position determine sex of a baby?
What sex position determine sex of a baby?…none

And I know you have rushed to read this article because you want to know the SEX POSITION to probably get a baby boy😝. Sorry to disappoint you, no sex position can determine the sex of a baby.

The gender of any child is determined by the chromosome it inherits from the father. Whether your baby is a boy or a girl, it is not determined by you or your sex position!

The egg from the mother always contains X chromosomes, while the sperm cells from the father are either X or Y chromosomes. When the egg is fertilized by a sperm cell, a zygote is formed when 1 chromosome each is taken from the father and mother.

If they are XY, a baby boy will ne born
If they are XX, a baby girl will be born.

Which shows gender is more dependent on the sperm cell released by the father rather than the mother. The Mother’s egg will always be X or X, while the sperm cells can either be X or Y.

Therefore, no amount of technical prowess and gallantry during intercourse can influence the gender of a child.

Pharmacist Edward wrote this


All those emergency fertility expats on social media will want to tell you the particular knacking style that will bring forth a girl or a boy…some even tell you the style that will make you get pregnant fast…all these claims have no scientific basis…

Are you trying to have a particular gender of a baby? IF YES, don’t worry . Science gat you. There is now fertility clinics that help in sex selection and sperm washing to chose either the X or Y chromosome that will fertilize you egg to give you your desired baby gender.

Don’t forget it is the man that determines the sex if a child while the woman determines the child’s intelligence. We all have a role to play.

There are many couples out there that have used assisted reproductive technology (ART) to get their desired baby sex using this new sex selection science.

Don’t waste your time with unqualified fertility doctors, instead see your gynaecologist for more information.

Thank you.

Dr Udomoh ESHEMOKHA contributed the last part.


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