How many days can I take okra water? How many days can I drink okra water for ovulation?

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Drinking okra water has become very popular among ladies for its ability to boost ovulation, promote twinning and restoring ceased menstruation…

Some ladies even believe it aids copulation and restores vaginnal health. Drinking okra #water also herbs in regulating blood sugar.

How many days can I take okra water?
How many days can I take #okra water? One cup daily for say a month

The question now is how many days can a woman take this okra water…

A cup of cold or lukewarm okra #water every day for about 3 weeks and including during ovulation is considered adequate….by this, it is considered as taking enough and not too much.

Taking okra #water three times a day nonstop is considered too much and this can cause you some side effects like bloating, diarrhoea, vomiting and even allergies…

How long does it take for okra water to work?

Well, it depends. #Okra water for fertility is not a miracle drug for pregnancy you must be told. However, I have read some testimonies where the women who drank #okra #water confirmed that they got pregnant within 3 – 6 months and some within 1 year.

Just follow the instructions and hope for the best.

It is also important you visit your gynaecologist regularly if you are trying to conceive…don’t put all your hopes on herbs and untested fertility medications

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